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3BHK,Manish Nagar, Nagpur Form & Function Modern living room
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Whether it is a growing family or a stable one, what you need is a home that accommodates all your needs. It should also to a certain extent display your lifestyle, likes and a certain sense of style. This house here is a wonderful combination of all the above. With wonderful designs and gorgeous lighting, the interior designers and decorators of Form & Function, Nagpur they have managed to create a home that is cozy, functional and strikingly beautiful.

Wonderful Entryway

This beautiful space is accentuated by the striking wallpaper. It is further accentuated by the wonderful choice of lighting. The jute threads make interesting patterns of light of the wall and everywhere around.

Cozy Sitting Room

This is a cozy space for sitting down with friends and family. The wonderful partition acts as a divider and you can pretty it up by displaying interesting collectibles or curio’s as well. The choice of color is perfect as it has a sense of formality to it.

Bright Living Room

This is a well-lit and warm space. The TV unit is compact and looks classic in design, the wall that extends has been designed a little differently so the homeowners can display a few of their precious collectibles. The lighting within those cubby holes makes them elegant and interesting

Interesting Sit-out

This space is not only interesting but beautiful too. The patterns in the blinds seem to mimic the separator and this creates a cohesive and balanced design. The sofas look cozy and comfortable while the tall lampshade in the corner provides additional lighting.

Modern Dining Room

The white chairs and the simplistic design on the table make this a contemporary room. The blinds work perfectly for this area and the lights lend a fun and an eclectic touch to the room.

Simplistic Bedroom

Following the same theme, the classic bedroom also looks simple yet elegant. The grey and the stripes lend a very formal look to the room yet it creates a warm and exciting place to relax in. The false ceiling adds a wonderful touch of charm to the room.

Another look Bedroom

This wonderful room has been made far cozier thanks to the floral print on the wall. By keeping the TV unit simple and covering the wardrobes with long mirrors, they have managed to make the room look larger and bigger.

Beautiful Kitchen

The bright and open modern kitchen is perfect for anyone who loves a calm and a simple cooking space. With the counters being pushed to either side of the room, the rest of the room makes the place more workable.

Neat Kitchen

Clean and simple lines are the hallmark of a contemporary design and the kitchen seems to have accomplished this successfully.15 wooden kitchen designs for your home

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