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The scene is set. You are ready to bring home that special lady for a romantic date. As anticipation hangs high in the air, how do you make sure that the ambiance is just perfect to get the mood going? And when you are having the time of your life, how do you make sure that the night lasts forever and your date doesn’t leave?

When people fondly remember their magical moments, they are likely to recall the time they spent laughing and feeling special. But the things that also leave a lasting imprint come from unexpected corners. Women especially remember even tiny details like the perfume in the air, the enveloping softness of a comfortable couch, the play of light and shadows. All of this can all go a long way in determining how the night will play out. Your date may have visited your apartment before, but these little things in your home décor can add a wonderful surprise, letting them know that you have something special planned.

An enjoyable date is a perfect mix of a coSy location, inviting ambience, fascinating conversations, delectable food, a favorite drink, and that little extra attention to detail. So here is a neat and easy list of romantic ideas to get you started!

Use indirect lighting

There are many ways to convey what’s on your mind without spelling it out. Soft lights tend to increase the comfort level in a room and set a relaxed atmosphere. Dimmers and colored lights are easily available in the market these days, so have them installed a week before your D-day. If you are short of time, you can just get a few soft orange lights as it works perfectly for a romantic date.

Another great mood enhancer that adds to your style value is candles. A candlelight dinner date adds an extra zing to the expectations set for the night. Don’t forget soft music and ask her to dance right before your start! Flowers and chocolates may be typical romantic ideas, but they do work most of the time.

Place some interesting reading material

As any good host would, when you bring your lady home, you get them comfortable and offer a relaxing drink. As you step in to get it ready, your date will most likely look around. Your home décor speaks volumes about your personality and anyone looking around is likely to form a part of their impression about you based on what you put out there.

A smart way to form an impression can be putting the books or magazines you are reading where your date can find it. Want to display your creative side? Put out a book like ‘Interpreting Dreams’ by Freud.  Want to show you are well read? Have a book like ‘India – A History’ by John Keay or may be a ‘Banker to the Poor’ by Mohammad Yunus. You can even have a Sherlock Holmes or a Shantaram thrown in for drama or may be have all of them lying around for effect. Planning an adventurous night and not afraid to show it? Try adding the Kama Sutra to the mix – not upfront – but in between the other casual reads, so that it looks like your date stumbles into discovering your intentions.

A word of caution to read through the books, so that it doesn’t come out as a farce.

Remove the crazy stuff

We all have our quirks. It may be our love for computer games or a penchant for collecting cricket souvenirs. While it is great for your date to discover a little bit of you in your apartment, be sure not to put out things that may be a turn off or leave them thinking “Hmm… I didn’t know that’.

Your date may decide to use the washroom sometime during the night. Discovering a colouring product for your hair may tell them more than what you want them to know about you. Other than personal grooming products, keep your desk clean and your private diary, disks, and other little stuff out of sight.

Use pleasant scents

It is hard to define a ‘romantic’ but some heady scents can have a great impact on your mood. For a special date night, you can use a mix of scents that can add to your ambiance without screaming for attention. Be it fragrances for your rooms or scents for yourself, it is the whole package that matters. Perfumes with comforting aromas and sweet notes can be perfect for your rooms. You can use a resonance vanilla candle or diffuser for the rooms and a misty freshener for your bathroom.  

What perfume you wear really depends on the mood for your date. For example, Code by Armani adds a subtle but lasting impact. Perfumes are a matter of personal choice and reflect on your taste. If you intend your date to stay over for the night, make sure your perfume lingers on until morning after.

In this picture, Marina Linhares Decoracao De Interiores, interior designers and decorators from Sao Paolo, Brazil, have used a combination of aromatic flowers and sweet smelling plants to lend a pleasing ambiance to the room.

Hide the dirty stuff

You may have been busy all week planning for your big date and ignored the laundry piling up for a Sunday wash. But your date really doesn’t need to know that. You may have been eating your dinner straight out of the fridge but your date may simply be put off by seeing a sink with piled up dirty dishes. Yikes!

If you are short on time, hide all the dirty laundry inside your washing machine. That way your laundry bag will ‘look’ empty. Collect all the dirty dishes in a basket / bucket and put them under the sink cabinet. With a basic clean sweep, you are set to look like a well-groomed gentleman.

Hide stuff from ex lovers

All ex factor memorabilia come with a classic spoiler alert. And trust us blindly on this one… no matter how honest you have been with her about your previous relationships, be careful not to display any photos, gifts, or items that may trigger a memory. It may just get you on the wrong foot as your date may think you have not moved on.

We all have a tendency to hold on to a bit of our past because it is what makes us who we are today. Just so you don’t throw it in your date’s face, collect all your ex’s items into a cardboard box and store it away from sight for the night.

Tips for quick cleaning

Sweeping things under the ‘proverbial’ carpet is the best way to get your house clean quickly. Get a big box or plastic bag, collect the stock pile resulting from undone house chores, and store away in the attic or balcony corner until the morning after. If all goes well with your dinner date, you might as well be humming a tune when doing your laundry the next day.

And last but not the least, be a gentleman and pick up a thoughtful gift that you can give her the morning after. A wonderful date night will only end to begin an even better relationship. To read more on a related topic, check out Making differences work in a couple’s flat.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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