How to make your home more interesting!

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We don't think you should decorate your home with other people in mind, but if you have a desire to make your home a little less ordinary and a whole lot more interesting, then this is the article for you! 

We've scoured our treasure trove of design inspiration to find the best and most beautiful ways to inject some fun and personality into your property, but please don't see this as prescriptive! Just because something is fashionable, it doesn't mean it is the right choice for you, so really think about the styles you like and how you can adapt these tips to fit your lifestyle. It's one thing to create a visually fascinating house but it's quite another to live in it!

Use colour

It's easy to assume that when we say use colour, we mean vivid hues that grab your attention and don't let go, but in actual fact, some muted tones work just as well and retain the relaxing vibe you have created. There's no need to overshadow your lovely taste with neon wall colours!

Take a look at this gorgeous living room. In addition to soft, natural colours and materials, you also have mint green, purple and blue, but it all comes together and works perfectly, don't you agree? Nothing is too bright, but the overall impact is still huge and impressive, not to mention interesting!

Install a bar

A bar, you say? Don't mind if we do! A quirkier installation perhaps, but if you have the space and love entertaining, then why not? A classic bar would look great in any games room or large open plan kitchen and what a talking point it will be too.

Even though we are talking about creating an interesting home, we think you should keep the décor relatively simple in your home bar, otherwise you run the risk of looking as though you were trying to create a novelty space. Step away from the neons and embrace classic backlighting and cool colours!

Try unique décor

If it's an interesting home you want, then throw away the rule book and let your creativity run riot with your interior design! If you have an eccentric or eclectic style already, this is going to come in very handy for making unusual ideas come to life.

We love these incredible light shades from Lieselotte and there is no denying that they will grab some attention and be the subject of many questions too! A great way to upcycle vintage pieces you have no use for, we think this would be fabulous in a quirky kitchen!

Add some patterns

Bring on the funky patterns! One thing is certain; a minimalist, plain home will never be considered as an interesting home in the same way that a property showcasing a multitude of colour and patterns will. Though both are stylish and gorgeous in their own way, for a really eye-catching home, we think some funky shapes are necessary.

Tiles are such a great way to add some pattern into your design scheme, but don't simply hide them away in your bathroom or kitchen; why not consider them as flooring options too? Hallways make wonderful recipients of patterned tiles and what a first impression they would make!

Invest in a pool

Now for something that is not a budget option! Few things really make a home as appealing or interesting as a pool, so if you have the space, budget and inclination, why not take the plunge? There are some amazing designs to choose from too!

We love this infinity style pool that reaches all the way to the edge of the space and seems to just keep on going out into the horizon. Add a couple of lounge chairs and even a sauna and you'll have the perfect at home spa to relax in every day, not to mention an increasing friends list!

Indulge your interests

We think we've really knocked it out the park with this one! An interesting home is one that really highlights your interests and serves to indulge them a little, so for all the golf fanatics out there, what about a virtual course? 

This is something that could be a lot of fun in a games room or a basement conversion would work well too! We know it's a little out there, but think of the possibilities; any sport could be indulged, even horse riding! Now, where will we find a carousel horse to install?

For more fun home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Fantastically Fun Indoor Slides. After all, if you're considering an indoor golf course, why not do away with stairs and install slide too?

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