The Villa of one's dreams

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
Villa Project, ARY Studios ARY Studios Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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This villa in Aurangabad, a small town in Maharashtra, designed by ARY Studios could easily be the dream home of many. Named after the Mughal king Aurangzeb, this town is a hub for tourists as it is close to historical sites like Ajanta & Ellora caves and Bibi Ka Maqbara which is reminiscent of Taj Mahal. Ornate things in this home, be it a latticed wall or a door made of bells, are inspired by the history this city is steeped in. Spacious, airy, with big french windows and doors, this is a modern yet elegant home. The wooden floors and beams in this house make it look like a country villa from a corner of Europe, while light has been used inventively throughout this home to give it a more warm and welcoming vibe.

Living room

The living room is a modern room that reminds one of European homes. Brown, white and beige are the dominant colours here. Soft white and beige sofa's on three sides compliment a wall mounted white TV console. While some other striking elements enliven up this room. First is the wall behind the TV which has a wooden texture and is broken into three parts while still connected by a metal mesh. Then there is the other feature wall on whose beige base flutter three brown birds around a tree with brown branches and white leaves. Finally, there is the eclectic coffee table made of four wooden cubes and wooden beams on the ceiling which are both backlit as well as have lamps hanging from them.

The Entrance

The minute you enter this home you are reminded of the rich history and culture of Aurangabad. The two sided wooden door with eighteen bells hanging on each side gives one a musical welcome, while at the same time remind one of the 'buland' darwaza's of the Raja's and Maharaja's of yesteryears. Stepping on to a wooden floor on a bed of rocks one may start feeling a modern touch, but a latticed wall on one side lets the sunlight play into the home like the corridors of a palace. Finally a vibrant red flower plant in one corner of this entrance brings one closer to nature.


The bedroom is just as modern as the living room with a white and brown theme. The white laminate platform bed is attached to the wall and has a basic white bedding. Two matching white wall mounted nightstands lie either side of the bed. Industrial wood flooring and a wooden strip behind the bed bring in some brown touches. Sheer white curtains match a soft white rug below the bed, while some peach sheer curtains and a couple of brown throw pillows break the monotony of white. A monochrome floral painting behind the bed brings in a bit of beauty while sticking to the neutral palette of the room. 

TV console and Feature wall

The other side of the bedroom features a wooden wall mounted TV console with a white shelf that blends in with the white wall and wooden beam behind it. Beyond these lies a mini walk in cupboard that is cleverly hidden from view. Another corner of the bedroom has been transformed into more than a seating area with a bright floor lamp and a beautiful wooden feature wall with backlit leaves and flowers strewn on it.

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