How to choose the right tiles for your bathroom and kitchen

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Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom and kitchen is essential as the tiles used in these two rooms tend to be the ones that get damaged faster. This problem is due to the bathroom and kitchen being rooms that are often wet and the moisture in the air can cause moss and other unwanted things to start appearing on the tiles, making it unsightly and ugly. However, if we choose the right durable and high quality material for tiles in the bathroom and kitchen, they could last a much longer time and still look good. 

In today's idea book, we have some guidelines which you can follow in order to help you choose the right tiles for your bathroom and kitchen. We will guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of using certain types of tiles and suggest tiles that are most suitable and ideal for the bathroom and kitchen. We hope the tips here will help you make an effective purchasing decision and help you create a more beautiful and functional home. 

Where will the tiles be placed?

Whether it's the bathroom or the kitchen, it is important to know where exactly you will be placing the tiles. Will it be by the bathroom sink or will it be the kitchen floor? This is an important question to ask first because this will help you make a better choice about the size, shape and material of the tiles. 

Glass tiles

A popular choice for the bathroom is often glass tiles. This is probably because many bathrooms could make use of more natural light, and glass tiles can make a small bathroom look brighter and bigger. Glass tiles can also be easily recycled and come in a variety of colours and finishes. 

Ceramic tiles

Striking Ceramic Tiles, and a modern SMEG hob ADORNAS KITCHENS Built-in kitchens Wood Beige

Striking Ceramic Tiles, and a modern SMEG hob


Another trendy and practical type of material to use for tiles in moisture-rich environments like the kitchen and bathroom is ceramic. This is due to the fact that it is waterproof, easy to clean, durable and relatively inexpensive. If you're lucky, you may even be able to get your hands on some old vintage ceramic tiles, like the ones pictured here. 

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Natural stone tiles

Bathroom wall pebble tiles homify Classic style bathroom

Bathroom wall pebble tiles


In terms of durability, natural stone tiles are one of the best. However, take note natural stone tiles require more maintenance compared to ceramic or glass tiles. There are many different types natural stone tiles to choose from—some are smooth and some are more textured. The textured ones are excellent for the bathroom and kitchen floor as it creates an ideal non-slip floor. Pictured here, we see bathroom tiles made out of small pebbles of various shades being used, creating a rich natural environment. 

Earth, stone and glass tiles

Earth Stone & Glass Mosaic Tiles homify Walls & flooringTiles

Earth Stone & Glass Mosaic Tiles


If you find it hard to make a choice in terms of material for the tiles, there is also the option of choosing tiles with a combination of different materials. This often makes for more aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functioning and effective tiles. Small mosaic tiles like the ones pictured here were a signature design trademark of the 60's, but they are gaining popularity once again. 

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Large metro tiles

Evolution Large Flat Metro Tiles homify Walls & flooringTiles

Evolution Large Flat Metro Tiles


Large metro tiles is another style that is definitely trending in 2018. Larger tiles also stand out more and are easier to install compared to smaller tiles. They can also be cheaper to cover a large area and more relaxing on the eyes. It's a good option for minimalist styled modern homes. 

Square and rectangular tiles

Bathroom tiles Unique Tiles Modern bathroom
Unique Tiles

Bathroom tiles

Unique Tiles

When it comes to the shapes of the tiles, the easiest to work with and install are square and rectangular. Irregular shapes can be complicated to install and to create a continuous, comprehensive design. However, just because the tiles are in a regular shape, it doesn't mean the bathroom walls have to be boring, as you can see here. 

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Digitally printed tiles

Digital Wall Tiles from India TILES CARREAUX Walls & flooringCarpets & rugs

Digital Wall Tiles from India


To add more patterns and colours to your tiles, try digitally printed tiles. With these tiles, you can have intricate and elaborate patterns, making it easy to create a striking and visually interesting environment. There's also a myriad of choices to decide from. 

Porcelain tiles

Vibrant Aqua tiles with Porcelain Cabinets ADORNAS KITCHENS Classic style kitchen Ceramic Beige

Vibrant Aqua tiles with Porcelain Cabinets


Porcelain tiles are also super durable although they may look more delicate with their  glassy, shiny and smooth surface. For rooms with moderate to heavy foot traffic, porcelain is best. It's also really easy to clean. Pictured here, we see some striking porcelain tiles in aqua brightening up the kitchen. 

We hope the tips and guidelines in this idea book have been helpful. For more related ideas, check out how to choose tiles for the bathroom.

Which tiles for the bathroom and kitchen did you like the most? 

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