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9 mistakes that make your home ugly

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Whatever your preferred decorating style, you have to take some principles into account when it comes to decorating the house so you do not make life-threatening mistakes.

The book of ideas today will show you a number of basic mistakes that can end up making your home uglier. Once you know them, be sure to decorate your home accordingly!

1. Inconsistent styles

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Maybe you like the modern style, but want to add classic details. Or you prefer the country style, but want to put tropical elements. Many objects of different styles in the same space can bring problems and leave the environment confusing.

2. Inadequate lighting

Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of your home. Whether in the living room, kitchen or any other space, the lighting should be thought carefully beforehand.

In the room we recommend the use of a soft yellow light that helps to create a cozy atmosphere. In an office, white light is the best option as it helps focus on work. In bathrooms and kitchen white lighting is also recommended. 

For more ideas, have a look at 5 bright tips for lighting your house.

3. Mixing of excess materials

Using a combination of many different materials can produce a confusing visual effect. It is necessary to carefully consider the textures, colors and materials, for better interior harmony.

4. Poor use of space

Inappropriate choice of furniture in a tight space can cause problems. In a small environment, it is best to use  multifunctional furniture: they make life convenient but do not take up much space.

5. Lack of storage space

In order to avoid personal items exposed and cluttered in a small bathroom, one must create storage spaces. Shelves at the top of the bathtub can also be extra space. For more inspiration, here are 5 bathroom shelving ideas.

6. Decoration Pattern

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Sometimes leaving all the walls and surfaces in the same style is not necessarily a good choice. Often just a wall decorated differently is enough to highlight the personality of the owner.

7. A lot of simplicity


If you are tired of a very simple style then it is time to make some transformations at home. You can make the transformation yourself. Prepare a list of practical changes: sometimes you just need to paint the outside to change the look.

8. Dark atmosphere

If you have a narrow aisle, try not to make it dark and somber. It is necessary to allow for some natural light, with large windows, to create a warm and bright environment.

9. Heavy design

The atmosphere of a place can affect the mood of the people in the house, and a heavy environment can make people more depressed and unhappy. 

In the design of the room you need to pay attention to the lighting : the lights need to be in the right places, and in good angles to brighten up the environment, and make you more cheerful.

We hope you've gathered some great ideas here for your home. For more inspiration, check out ideas for a Goa-inspired home decor.

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