18 interesting diwan designs for living rooms

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When you are looking for furniture for your living room, a diwan is something that you should consider, even in a modern style home. It is a versatile piece of furniture that can serve as a sofa or couch during the day and convert into a bed at night, especially when you need extra space for guests. In older homes in India, diwan cot models were commonplace, but nowadays, you rarely see this charming piece of furniture in homes as they are believed to be traditional and old-fashioned.

Diwans originated in ancient Persia as low seating with either a mattress on the floor or a large seat cushion on a wooden frame. Cushions and bolsters were used to provide support for the back. Day beds and loungers, are in a way inspired by the diwan. Nowadays, you can find diwan designs that can be adapted to suit almost any style. In today’s ideabook, we present you with some functional and lovely designs of diwans that you can use in your living room.

1. Low seating in the foyer

If you have a small foyer leading from the main door to a living room, then narrow wooden diwan models like this one will be perfect for the area. It’s a modern design that provides seating during the day, and when you need to take a nap in the afternoon, it can become a cosy bed.

2. Couch-style diwan designs for living rooms

This diwan has a more traditional design with an uneven backrest, which is typical of an old-fashioned couch. However, its length makes it perfect as a day bed for a power nap during the day, or even for lounging in comfort while reading a book. The upholstery matches with the rest of the furnishings to make it blend into the living toom.

3. Sofa without a backrest

If you are looking for wooden divan designs for a modern home, then this design shows how easily a divan sofa can blend into a contemporary living room. The wooden base and armrests are designed to match the rest of the living room furniture. The only difference is that it follows the principles of a traditional diwan and does not have a backrest.

4. Lounger-style diwan

In this living room, where the furniture is arranged in an L-shaped layout, instead of the modern upholstered lounger, a couch-like diwan with the traditional curved back brings a lot of style to the space. Additionally, it can turn into the best spot in the living room for putting one’s feet up and watching television.

5. A free-standing diwan

Traditionally, a diwan has a low backrest, which rests against a wall, and cushions provide support for the back. However, if you are looking for modern diwan designs that blend into a minimalist living room, then a backless diwan with a comfortable mattress can be placed for extra seating, and it will make a perfect makeshift bed whenever required.

6. Mattress on the floor

A few decades ago, even a mattress on the floor of a living room was called a diwan, so there’s no reason why you can’t adapt this design to your modern home. The design in this image works well because the mattress is placed on an elevated platform in the living room. As a result, it provides comfortable leg room when it is used for additional seating.

Get more design ideas for diwans.

7. Another floor based diwan

This is another example of a diwan that comprises a mattress on the floor. However, in this case, the base cushion is much thicker. It is like a low backless sofa placed against the wall with cushions for back support, which can be moved when it’s time to convert it into a bed.

8. A multi-functional diwan

Among the various wooden divan designs photos, you will come across a few such as this one, which provides space-saving features that increase the functionality of this piece of furniture. This model has shelves built into the reverse side of the backrest, which can be used to store books, CDs and other accessories. Clever, isn’t it?

You can consult an interior designer to get help in design multi-functional furniture like this one.

9. Another modern couch-style diwan

If you aren’t a fan of wood, then a couch-style diwan that is based on a frame made of metal can work just as well. The modern design has a low backrest only in one corner of the diwan, which makes a perfect headrest, besides ensuring that the pillow doesn’t fall off when you are sleeping.

10. A beautiful window seat

When you need extra space in the living room, but don’t want the furniture to block the natural light in the room, diwan cot models like this one are the ideal solution. They provide additional seating below the window without interfering with the floor space in the rest of the room.

11. An all-day lounger

In a studio apartment, a queen-size diwan bed can be built into the recess near a window to provide the perfect place to lounge all day reading a book or watching television. At night, it can become the guest bed. This design can also be adapted to a recess in a larger living room.

You can also adapt some of these comfortable diwan bed designs to your living room.

12. Modern modular diwan designs

It’s not uncommon to find low modular furniture in apartments. A design such as this one, which has two diwan-like sofas with low backrests along with pouffes or upholstered footstools, brings versatility as it increases the number of ways in which you can arrange the pieces within a small space.

13. A swinging diwan

If you want a diwan with a difference, how about this design that has the low seating suspended like a swing from the ceiling? Besides providing additional seating for guests, it’s the perfect place to rock yourself to sleep when you want a quick cat nap.

14. U-shaped modular sofa with diwan

In this image, we see a diwan that blends perfectly into the drawing room furniture. The U-shaped seating has a shorter couch on one side – perfect for stretching out one’s legs. The other side has a longer couch that can convert into a makeshift bed, whether it’s for daytime naps or for accommodating extra guests.

15. Space-saving diwan designs

In living rooms with limited space, instead of cluttering up the area with regular furniture with arm rests, diwan sofas that placed against the wall bring a lighter look to the room. And, in a design such as this one, you get three additional beds, if the need arises.

16. Storage diwan designs for living rooms

To decorate a small living room on a budget, a conventional diwan built with box storage underneath the seat can help to keep the area more organized while adding to the alluring décor. It can be used to stash magazines, throws or any other item that is not used regularly.

17. A statement diwan

Of course, you can think outside the box and shake away your preconceived ideas of diwan designs by opting for something spectacular like this sculptural diwan that becomes the highlight of your living room.

18. Another artistic diwan

Even wooden diwan models can look artistic if you break away from the typical box-like design and introduce interesting elements to the frame of the furniture. You can get a carpenter to make it for you.

Some more designs

If you are looking for a vintage style divan sofa, then this option is perfect. Skillfully crafted with teak wood, this well-cushioned diwan perfectly blends with the rest of the beautiful décor of the living room. Also, the sufficient seating space offered by it eliminates the need for installing a bulky sofa set.

Here is another elegant piece that has been specially crafted to grace a modern setting. Designed by professionals, this design features both traditional and contemporary elements. On the one hand, it has a low wooden frame like traditional diwans, and on the other hand, it features a backless construction to infuse a voguish touch. In addition, such diwan cot models with their cushioned upholstery and rolled arms deliver optimal comfort for relaxation.

Which of these diwan designs is your favourite? Leave a comment to let us know.

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