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33 wonderful modern kitchens

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Modern kitchens haunt the desires of many people, and it's not surprising that people are enchanted with the beauty and functionality they bring. They are almost always planned, housing the appliances discreetly and accurately. 

The furniture, the cabinets and benches are all in perfect harmony and ideal for storage and work. The kitchen island, dining tables, chairs and the banquettes-everything is thought of in a set, in which the same style and design prevail. The materials used in the kitchen are varied, some borrowed from other styles and reinterpreted in a bold or new way. Thus, something as rustic as the red brick can live with the bold lines of the most modern appliances, and stand out mutually for the originality of the contrast. In this article,  colors are an important aspect in focus. 

A modern kitchen is often associated with furniture in vibrant colors such as red and yellow, but in recent times the various shades of gray have been partnering with white and sometimes with black. Other colors that stand out are the cold colors like green and blue, combined or separated and in varied tones.  Also pastel colors like pink and blue can present themselves beautifully in a  delicate kitchen. Generally all these colors appear along with white decoration, which has had a great presence in modern kitchens, combined with light wood to create a cozy atmosphere. In this book of ideas, we want to introduce you to 33 wonderful modern kitchens that will surely fuel your imagination. Check it out!

1. The vibration of the red cheers and modernizes this kitchen, while the brick in sight gives a rustic touch

2. The total white of the furniture aligns at the discretion of the light gray of the wall above the work bench and even on the floor

3. Another white kitchen combined with gray, in a texture that resembles burnt cement

4. Light and cozy: white U-shaped kitchen with open niches, gray accents and wooden-topped countertop

5. The neutral tones and the wood-clad flooring make this U-shaped kitchen elegant and modern

6. In this stripped-down kitchen with straight lines, the dark gray color has been fully assumed and has white as the backdrop

7. Another successful combination: all white decor with light wood elements such as these benches

8. The white color also dominates in this light kitchen, while the natural wood gives some weight to the environment

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9. An attractive and discreet variation: furniture and white walls, gray graphite elements and light wood to bring warmth to the space

10. The most intense colors always give modernity to the surroundings and this burgundy kitchen is a charm in a wide space

11. Another combination that can look beautiful is white with green and wood, gaining even more points with a vertical garden

12. In this open kitchen, the option was for the light wood with dark tops in the benches, always having as background the neutral tones

13. Another kitchen that gathers white and light wood, but has as background a very original reddish floor

14. The white is unbeatable for small kitchens like this one, in which the light gray cement type defines the work areas

15. Workbench lighting is a feature of the modern kitchen

16. Two details that indicate the modernity: the cooktop, work bench and the metal stools with bold design

17. In this narrow kitchen, cabinets and appliances are in-built into the side

18. The light gray of the furniture looks amazing with the exposed brick wall, which gives a slight rustic air to the environment

19. As in this kitchen, the gray color in different shades helps to define the lines of furniture without weighing too much in appearance

20. Ash is the dominant color in this sophisticated kitchen, but contrasts brightly with the only yellow niche

21. The light gray color and the cabinets with mirrored doors are the highlights of this charming kitchen

Mieszkanie w kamienicy, SAS SAS Eclectic style kitchen

22. In this linear kitchen, the white color and the light wood is the double that works

23. This white and gray U-shaped kitchen gets touched in red, a strategy that works with other colors and changes the face of the environment

24. This white kitchen goes by another path: it has a glass and metal table, as well as two-colored tablets on the wall above the workbench

25. Very discreet, this white kitchen has contrast with the black chairs and has a sliding glass door

26. In this spacious kitchen, the combination of white and light wood creates a relaxed and cozy atmosphere

27. Cold colors also look beautiful combined with white and light wood, like this kitchen with shades of blue and green

28. Black, gray, white and wood make the modern elegance of this open kitchen

29. Reddish wood and metal combine in this kitchen with a beautiful central island

30. The game of yellow and gray in this kitchen gets even more graceful with the inspired black and white chairs

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31. Another combination with white: pastel colors like blue and pink leave the kitchen delicate and fresh

32. A stronger shade of blue shines on the furniture of a white kitchen with many straight lines

33. This illuminated white kitchen gains character with white brick, the floor decorated in neutral tones and the baby blue stools

We hope you've been inspired by this idea book. For more ideas, have a look at 7 pictures of modern Indian kitchens.

Which modern kitchen designs do you like best? 

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