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Cold metalic interiors that bring you the warmest time

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Think metal and industrial, rugged, bulky comes to mind! But look around at the latest trends in interiors and you will find, metal has creeped up into our homes and how! From shiny chairs and contemporary kitchen counters to gorgeous lampshades and corner tables, metal of all hues are becoming popular choices for home decor. Shiny polished surfaces or rough unfinished touches, metal can add a sleek or industrial look to your home. Steel, copper, brass, wrought iron are some of the widely popular choices in metal furniture and accessories. Follow some of these inspirations for adding cold metallic interior touches to your home that bring you the warmest time!


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Maison Noblesse

Art Nouveau Luxury Balustrades

Maison Noblesse

A staircase railing is the perfect opportunity to add metallic flavor to your home. Elegantly designed patterns like this one adds a touch of sophistication; very Victorian still so modern! Again a bronze coppery tone gives an impression of warmth. A similar design in silver or steel may not have the exact same effect. Hence colour tone is crucial.


classic  by homify, Classic Wood Wood effect

Bonsoni Baudouin Industrial Bar Chair Made From Reclaimed Metal And Wood by British Raj Furniture


These metallic chairs have been made out of reclaimed metal by British Raj Furniture. Contemporary, functional, sturdy and stylish to boot; these chairs in bronze tone are a great addition to your decor. Ideal for your kitchen counter top for a quick snack or at the bar, you can be assured of the metal's long lasting properties and low maintenance. It helps that they also add some shimmer to the room, isn't it?


Sofa BESS Modern living room by e15 Modern



Your love for the metal love can be showcased through the sofa as well. This minimalist sofa in wrought iron is so simple and beautiful. Its no nonsense design and clean lines makes it a perfect choice for smaller apartments. Metal provides a strong support so you needn't worry about the longevity of the sofa. You can incorporate few shiny metallic hued cushion covers for some added glamour or skip it if you like subdued colours.


You can add some metal to home decor through these stunning modern metal clocks. Each is a classy piece with an old wordly charm. Not many like to go for metal clocks but for some who like to keep things real, nothing other than a heavy piece of time piece will do. Colour choices can be made from brown tinges to whites. Place them on your bed side table or over the fire place and they are bound to go unnoticed because of their timeless beauty and design.


Quirky contemporary pieces or traditional sculptures in metal are a great way to add a subtle or bold metallic influences on the walls. This modern design incorporates metal alloys in 2 shades enhancing its appeal. Beautiful installations by local or renowned designers can truly lift up the room's ambiance so pick your art in galleries or flea markets, the final result on the wall will not disappoint you. 


Mirrors provide a great opportunity to get creative with the frames. If you don't want to go all out metallic, then adding a mirror with some metallic flavor is your best bet. Install it in the bathroom, bedroom or in the lobby for a slight metallic touch. For a warm look, choose earthy colours like browns and reds. Mirrors with real metal frames or simply metallic finish pose innumerable design choices so there is no dearth of options when it comes to mirrors really!

Metallic interiors are easy to achieve as every decor element can be sourced in metal or metallic colours. The question is how much. Do you want to go all out metallic? Then care is needed so that the colours do not become overbearing. Else choose the safer option of mixing and matching with other colours in order to give an interesting twist to your home interiors.

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