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Now that apartment living has become the norm, we find tall buildings mushrooming all over the city. And with apartments, come designs and ideas that help make our lives a little bit easier and neater. Given here are a few wonderful examples of storage ideas that Samruddhi Interiors, form Interior Designers & Decorators who are located in Pune, have come up with.

Neat bedroom storage

The area between the ceiling and top of the window is usually left unused. But here we see that the designers have created a wall to wall mini cupboard in that specified area – a brilliant idea that is almost always reserved for areas like the kitchen, study or bathroom. It gives the bedroom a neat, uncluttered and stylish look. Further, the room is given a dewy fresh look with the addition of lights just below the high cabinets.

Of wardrobes and more

Just as the previous bedroom image, here also we see the clever utilization of storage area. The cupboard does not just end halfway, it goes all the way up to the ceiling and then over the door frame to exploit as much free area as possible without giving the bedroom a cramped look.

Television cabinet with a purpose

Televisions are a must in our homes these days and for the sake of good house-keeping, television cabinets too should become a must. The wall space can be brought into play and drawers can be employed for tucking away prized electronics or things of everyday utility. Here we see a wardrobe attached to the television cabinet that not only serves the purpose of storing away things, but also adds to the total modern outlook of the room.

Living room uncluttered

The simplicity of a beautiful living room can be enhanced with floor space. This can be achieved through clever planning of cabinets that do not crowd the vision.

Stylish Kitchen storage

A kitchen is a place where space is at a premium and the more storage that can be scraped out the better. Here we also see great use of colours to make the kitchen appear larger. Cupboards and cabinets line the areas under the stone-bench top, on the walls at eye-level and above the door level. Now putting away expensive cutlery and bone-china should not pose too much of a problem. There is also ample diffused lighting that gives the kitchen a very trendy look.

In this image we see use of glass and metals to create practical modern kitchen cabinets. These are long lasting and a favorite with house owners.

Here also, we see a simple modular kitchen with different sized drawers and cabinets that offer plenty of space.

Storage feature

Who said cupboards and drawers had to be boring and same? Introduce a feature in your home that works as a perfect storage unit as well as a light feature. Brighten up your mundane existence with a little imagination and wait for the praises that come your way.40 ideas to keep your kitchen organized and look fabulous!.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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