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What are the kitchen colour trends of 2018?

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In modern homes, especially those with an open-plan layout, kitchens are fast becoming the favourite gathering place for the family. As a result, modern kitchens are taking on more vibrant colours that create warmth and improve the energy in the space. What is the most popular colour for a kitchen in 2018? Read on to get tips on the best colours that you can use, whether you are planning to makeover an old kitchen or design a new one.

1. Go bold for warmth

APARTMENT DESIGN5 Minimalist kitchen



In most kitchens, the appliances come in standard colours such as black, white or steel. When they combine with neutral colours on other surfaces, the overall effect can be quite dull. Nowadays, many interior designers are using splashes of colour on other surfaces, while taking care not to allow the tone to overpower the space. Since cabinets occupy most of the area in the kitchen, the walls are a good bet for adding a splash of bold colour that brightens up the space. The backsplash tiles are another option.

Our recommendations for bold tones among the trendy kitchen wall colours 2018: yellow, orange or red as these colours also stimulate the appetite.

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2. Balance the warmth

When we talk about bright colours, it doesn’t mean that they should be the only shades in the kitchen. Soothing colours are essential to balance the vibrancy of bolder shades to make the kitchen more comforting. White and beige are the most commonly used colours in modern kitchens.

Our recommendation: Break away from the expected to try lighter shades such as blue, grey or the trendy greige (a mixture of grey and beige).

3. Embrace earthy tones

Mittal Residence, Colaba, Mumbai Inscape Designers Eclectic style kitchen
Inscape Designers

Mittal Residence, Colaba, Mumbai

Inscape Designers

If you aren’t a fan of neutral or light colours, including the ones mentioned above, then earth tones or colours inspired by nature can also be used in the kitchen. Natural shades effortlessly bring a rustic warmth to any space so that it looks and feels inviting. Whether it’s a shade such as olive green or sea blue, which is reminiscent of nature, or other milder shades such as silver-blue, yellow-brown or grey-green, they can work well in a kitchen.

Our recommendation for earthy Kitchen color trends of 2018: Brighter shades such as terracotta, copper or apricot can be combined with subtle greys or beiges to create a pleasant ambiance in the room.

4. Two-tone kitchens

Earlier, it was common to have the entire kitchen decorated in a single colour, but in the past few years, two-toned kitchens have gained popularity over monotone ones. Typically, the two tones used are contrasting shades that create a more dramatic effect. Contrasting colours also help to add depth to the space. For instance, dark cabinets can be paired with light countertops and vice versa. However, this technique can also be extended to the cabinets themselves by have a few in an alternate shade. When choosing the colour, keep in mind that the focus is to make a stunning visual impact.

Our recommendations for two-tone kitchens: Try combinations such as grey and green, light wood tones with dark grey, or cool white with warm grey

5. Grey – the new white

Residential Apartment S2A studio Modern kitchen
S2A studio

Residential Apartment

S2A studio

In interior design, grey is the latest shade of neutral, and there’s no denying the quiet sophistication that the colour brings to spaces. It is among the kitchen wall colours 2018 that can be used not only on the walls, but also on floors and cabinets in the kitchen. It’s the perfect option for homeowners who don’t like the look of an all-white kitchen. However, take care to choose warmer shades of grey over cooler ones. Another advantage of grey is that as a neutral shade, it can be paired with almost any other tone, whether it’s dark or light. Combine a darker shade of grey with white or black quartz countertops for a sophisticated modern look. Alternatively, you can pair it with sleek metal finishes on the appliances or stark white walls for a lighter and sleeker style.

Our recommendations: Grey comes in several shades, but ideally, stick to mid-toned to darker shades of the spectrum like charcoal grey, slate, graphite or smoke grey.

6. Cabinets in Navy Blue

One of the 2018 kitchen cabinet color trends that make a significant impact in the kitchen is the use of Navy blue or similar darker shades of blue. Until now, most interior architects and designers have abstained from using blue in kitchens as it was believed to suppress the appetite. However, the trendy Navy Blue is quickly changing minds as it has a powerful presence in the space. For homeowners who aren’t comfortable with committing to bolder shades, dark blue is the perfect choice as it keeps the colour palette in the kitchen up to date, without dominating the space. This shade has a soothing effect and works well with almost any design style. While it may not be as versatile as neutral shades such as white or beige, especially when it comes to matching with another colour, it works perfectly with grey.

Our recommendation: Use Navy blue on the cabinets or only on the island and contrast it with a white countertop or grey walls. For kitchens that don’t have ample natural light, softer shades such as sea blue can be used for a brighter ambiance.

7. Greige – the new favourite

Modern minimal DESIGN SPECIES KitchenCabinets & shelves Plywood Beige

Modern minimal


A modern neutral shade that has gained popularity, greige – a combination of grey and beige – is the favourite among the kitchen color trends of 2018. It has already started to make waves as one of the trendiest colours for kitchen cabinets. Traditionally, beige is considered a safe choice, and it brings a relaxing feel to a space. Grey, on the other hand, brings style and sophistication. Therefore, with greige, you get the best of both worlds!

Greige is easy to combine with other shades. The undertones of yellow that it gets from beige make it work well with cooler colours to balance the warmth. Similarly, the tint of grey in the shade allows it to be paired just as easily with warmer tones.

Our recommendation: Depending upon the prevalence of beige and grey undertones in the shade of greige that you choose for the kitchen, pick the perfect contrasting colour to create a charming effect.

8. Pretty pastels

Pastels are often overlooked for the kitchen, but they have many advantages. In addition to introducing a fun look to the kitchen, they can be contrasted or coordinated with other tones to make a kitchen look pretty. For homeowners who aren’t comfortable with bold or dark tones in the kitchen, pastels are the ideal tool. They combine well with other neutrals, including grey, as well as with wood finishes.

Our recommendation: Pick pastels from the trendy 2018 kitchen colors to create highlights in the kitchen. Choose from blue, green, pink or yellow to create an eye-catching look.

9. Gold accents

​White and grey Schuller units with solid black Dekton worktops (by Cosentino) AD3 Design Limited Modern kitchen
AD3 Design Limited

​White and grey Schuller units with solid black Dekton worktops (by Cosentino)

AD3 Design Limited

Over the last few years, we have seen the shift from stainless steel towards more luxurious metals such as copper and bronze, for fixtures and fittings in the kitchen. This trend will continue in 2018, but we will begin to see more gold in the kitchen.

Our recommendation: Go for gold for a bold and dramatic feature that oozes luxury. If you consider it too over the top, then look for gold fittings with a dull finish. It’s among the 2018 kitchen color ideas for small kitchens as it can bring a lot out style with minimal effort.

10. Black and white

There’s no denying the eternal beauty of black and white kitchens. This combination has been used for years, but it continues to be popular even today. It’s one of the kitchen trends that will last forever.

Our recommendation: For smaller kitchens, stick with black countertops and white cabinets and appliances to add depth to the space. Bigger kitchens allow for experimentation with black cabinets and appliances contrasted with white countertops. However, take care that the black doesn’t block out the natural brightness of the kitchen.

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