A simple but beautiful bungalow in Chandigarh

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Kapilaz Space Planners & Interior Designers have furnished and designed this beautiful villa in New Chandigarh. These Interior Architects in Chandigarh are known for bringing elements of royalty into everyday lives. This is evident in the overall interior decor of the house. They have created the perfect balance between simple and classic, by merging the two design concepts seamlessly. Let’s take a tour of this house and see how these talented designers have created a unique home.

Stunning first impressions

The first impression of this home is from the outside, and we are already wowed. This is no ordinary home, since the designers have created an extremely modern looking facade. Although the elevation itself is clean and simple with two levels, the design is unique. The balconies have a steel and glass railing, while the middle o the house sees a dark brown strip that separates both the balconies. There is a lot of plantation around the perimeter of the house in order to create slush classic green garden in the future.

Simple but effective decor pieces

The interior is peppered with simple but effective pieces that increase the grandeur of every single room in the house. We have a beautiful table on one side of the hall, which holds decorative pieces. The decorative pieces are not over the top, but just enough to showcase the homeowner’s choices. Each door leading to a different room has a set of curtains. This is an amazing idea, because if one wants the door open, they can still have some semblance of privacy with the curtains drawn.

Good lighting is the key to good decor

As any interior designer and decorator will know, good lighting is the key to a god design. Without lighting, it is impossible to highlight all the necessary design aspects of the room. We love how the designers have a created a separate storage and display cabinet which has its own set of lights. This way, this space stands out in the entire room.

The TV space

The TV space in the room has been turned into an all-purpose area, which is a great way to utilize excess space. It is not a cabinet per SE. It is more like a TV stand with surrounding shelves. There is a wooden frame running around the TV table, with one end displaying beautiful family pictures. The top also has a shelf to display personal pictures. The TV stand has 3 different storage cabinets for all the extra knock-knacks and wires one might own.

Archway for royalty

We are absolutely in love with this archway. This makes the modern house look like a royal palace. The detailing on the wood is incredible and quite unique, since most homeowners do not prefer such extravagant decor pieces in their homes. However, this is a villa and the wooden arch seems to fit right into the overall design theme of this house. The archway leads to a living area, which is definitely going to be cozy and comfortable.Stay tuned for even more innovative home ideas.15 ideas to cover the facade of your house.

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