10 pictures of homes combining dining hall and living room

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So your dream home has the living room that shares the space with the dining hall. Living cum dining room is the result of the space crunch in modern homes. You must be wondering how to give a chic yet homely feel to this social yet private space. The two different spaces could be decorated and blended in such a manner that it will make you believe that it was meant to be together. Here are 10 fascinating pictures of perfect combination of living and dining room to choose from. Have a look!

​1. Chic and modern for the modern family

The diversity in space is blended finely in the shape and placement of the furniture. From carpet to ceiling, the space is divided by colours and textures yet united by the shape. The transition is so smooth that before you could blink you will reach the fascinating dining hall from the living space. The décor is modern, chic and soothing to eyes.

​2. Stylishly in harmony

Transition of dining hall from living space is done smoothly giving it a touch of intimacy. The ceiling is kept simple so that the focus is on the textures playing on the walls. In such stunning Indian living rooms, furniture is elegantly simple yet super stylish. The warmth of wooden floor melts into the peaceful calmness of marble floor that unites the living and dining space.

​3. Say it with colours

The splash of yellow in white has made this space so captivating that you will fail to realize when the living space ends and dining begins. No heavy element is used on the floor to avoid the conflict with the heavy and beautiful chandelier in the living and dining space. It surely will become a talk of the family.

​4. Separated with a screen

Build a veil in between the living and dining space to separate the space. You can erect a wooden partition, make it decorative and use it as an embellishment both for the living and dining room. Let the space merge yet maintain their independent identity.

​5. A contemporary touch

The living and dining space is integrated in a perfectly modern way. The subtle shades on the walls, clean cut of the furniture, symmetry in the paintings on the wall, an elegant closet separating the space; the place resonate peaceful calmness. The only drama is in the oversize lamp and shining chandelier.

​6. Modishly fresh look

Give your integrated space feel fresh and soothing with light hued shades on the furniture and walls and then contrast it with a touch of darker shade to make it contemporary and chic. The youthful feel is contagious.

7. Traditional warmth of wood

Too many woods are used here, in the partition, the sofa, dining table and its chairs. However, with the smart use of wood and white and beige in the furniture, walls, ceiling and floor, oneness has been brought in the entire space.

8. Free and liberated

Remove all the walls and let the free and liberated breeze from the large French windows wipe the space. The contemporary design of ceiling and the lights liberating from it is making the space shine brighter. The openness of the space will ensure abundant natural lights and freshness all day long.

9. The magic of carpet

Define the living space with a carpet and leave the rest of the space to enjoy the unobstructed together time with each other. Add a little pop of colour and design to define the designated area. Just separate the space with its décor and let it do all talking.

​10. The imperial touch

A beautiful chandelier, delicate shine of lamps standing on the dark wooden cabinet, intricate carving on the backrest of the chairs and freshness of flowers in the vase; sophisticated paintings of the walls complete the rich look of the dining hall interior design. You will surely feel like a royalty while dining or resting on the comfortable recliner which divides the space elegantly.

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Some more pictures

Designed by professionals, this is another beautiful creation that shows us how living and dining space can be integrated while creating a clear distinction between the two. The sleek wood panels and hanging lamps on the false ceiling are the elements of this dining hall design that instantly bring the dining section into focus. At the same time, white floor tiles and green chairs have been used for both the sides to create a sense of uniformity.

The minimalist setting of this living cum dining space creates a relaxing and welcoming ambience. The living room smoothly transitions into the dining, and the colour of the dining table is the central element that creates a clear demarcation between the two spaces. Also, the hanging lamps have been installed just above the dining table to give a distinctive feature to the dining space and to add to the attractive décor of the hall room.

Which one of these ideas inspired you the most? We are waiting to hear from you.

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