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The architectural drawings of our dream homes are for the professionals. For a layman it is a maze of few lines running on the papers waiting to be solved and deciphered. It is tough to imagine the home by its drawing before it is in its final stages of completion. Whether it is a bungalow, flats, bachelors’ pad or office, floor plan layout is the most essential requirement before starting of the construction. It gives the professional an idea of floor plans, placement of doors and windows, walls, available space, placement of furniture, etc.  What about the customers who don’t understand the technical drawings? What if we can get the 3D images of the floor plan of our dream home or office to visualize? Wouldn’t it be more convenient and economical to see the home even before the foundation has been laid? Advancement in technology has made 3D technology popular among the architects, interior designers, home planners and of course the home buyers.

We all dream of a glamorous looking comfortable home. The most important factor that plays crucial role in interior designing and planning of your dream home is the floor plan. If the floor design is not perfect all the efforts will go in vain and ruin your dreams. Here is where the technology becomes a boon. 3D image technology has made it possible to design and decorate the interior of your home and give it a form and shape even though it is just a virtual home. To be able to see and plan the interior of the home, selection of wall colour, placement of furniture, accessorize the décor in the very initial stage is a huge advantage.

3D image comes with immense convenience both for designers and clients.

Visual design of the home in 3D form gives us the opportunities to see and understand the pros and cons of planning and design. It is time and money saving when it comes to rectify mistakes or make any changes. We don’t have to break a wall or construct one to get the desired style and design we want in our home. A click of mouse will do it for us. Modern architects and designers prefer to present and impress their clients with 3D models. And it is not just restricted to home or office interiors. It is ruling the design world be it hospital, commercial buildings, hotels… in short it is one stop solution to lure and impress the customers in the construction world. It is fast, time saving, economical and profitable in the field of architects and designers.

​Stunning floor plans

Technology has penetrated everywhere, even in our imagination. 3D image provides a clear, attractive, well defined and perfect floor plan to the client that too within an hour. If any changes are needed, it could be made then and there. The weeks or months of work have shrunk to hours and result can be witnessed instantly on the satisfied face of the clients. The clear visualization of the project and fast work is important for customer satisfaction.

​Easy planning of the interior

The stress of colour selection and then matching it with the interior will now be a history with this technology. With wide range of colours, themes and textures available, it is possible to select the perfect match with just one finger.

​Estimating the cost

Since we can visualize the whole floor plan, furniture and its placement, décor, furnishing, carpets, rug, etc. right up to the small detailing; it becomes easy for the clients and the professionals to prepare accurate cost estimation for the project. You may also adjust the cost as per the client’s budget.

​360 degree panoramic view

Imagine getting a 360 degree panoramic view the house which you can never get in reality. Check out the wall, furniture, furnishing, exterior and interior of the home all in the same frame just by the rotation of a single finger.

Freedom to play with different styles and designs

The innovative technology gives us the freedom to check out different styles, designs, colours, themes, etc. It also gives us the opportunity to experiment with different types of design before finalizing one for the project just by the click of mouse.

​Placement of the furniture

The beauty of the 3D image technology is that it gives you the experience and feel of reality in the virtual space. Through technology we can furnish and refurbish the home again and again till satisfied. Any query or doubts could be easily answered and then the designers may proceed only after client’s satisfaction. In fact you can actually see the real furniture being placed and moved in the rooms of your dream home.

3 dimensional view of the complete project even when it is just an imagination is actually an easy and comfortable way to impress clients, save time, money and build a healthy and honest relationship between the clients and professionals. Technology is here to make our life comfortable; use it.

Did the technology of 3D floor plan layouts fascinated you? Let us know in the comments.

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