Mr. KoteshwarRao Uppal: modern Living room by Ghar Ek Sapna Interiors

A modern and aesthetic home in Hyderabad

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A simple and beautiful home is accentuated by colors and lighting to make it look significantly larger and well-designed. By using certain elements that make the house more convenient and functional, the designers from Ghar Ek Sapna in Hyderabad have created an elegant and practical home that works for the homeowners. With advances in technology, the designers have used several modern elements, patterns,and designs to update the home and make it more stylish and contemporary.

Simple and Elegant Entrance

A nice design for the main door of the house makes it stand out as against other traditional and plain designs.The basket pattern makes it look modern and stylish.

Cool design for Living Room

The wonderful design in the modern living room makes the room look warm and welcoming. The walls and the wall unit has been kept neutral and light. The color of the sofas and the wall unit on the side contrast it well as the brown works great against the light tones all around.

Well-Designed Living Room

The marble flooring looks picture-perfect as it seems to reflect all the light. The ceiling design also adds to the charm of the place.

Interesting Design

The neat looking divider placed on the side works to divide space without really making the rooms look smaller. It also works as a neat little space to place some interesting curios. The pooja room door has been intricately carved.

Modern Design

The sink is modern in design but is functional too. The color of the wood is great as it works very well for the white sink.

Sufficient Storage

The wardrobe is large and makes room for tons of clothes and can be used as a linen closet as well. By including a large mirror, it can work as a dresser too doing away with the need for a dresser.

Storage within the bed

The bed seems comfortable with enough space for bed linen as well. Drawers at the bottom of the bed is an ideal way to make use of space below the cot.

Simple Pooja Room

A separate space for pooja is common in an Indian home and this space is adequate and well-done. The drawers below the counter make room for several things allowing you to keep the space clean and tidy. 

Functional Kitchen

modular kitchen to incorporate the needs of a homeowner is what makes a design special and that is what has been accomplished in this house. By using similar tones of wood as in the other parts of the house, the design stays consistent.

Bright Bedroom

By using a vibrant color such as a blue, the room looks cheery and happy to be a children’s room. Again, the bed has been used to add storage. The kid’s toys can be stored away here.For more beautiful home tours, take a look at this Ideabook.6 things to know before installing your modular kitchen.

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