A modern 3bhk penthouse in Vadodara

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Dr. Mahesh Dama - 3 BHK Pent-house Interior, ZEAL Arch Designs ZEAL Arch Designs Modern nursery/kids room
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Wall paneling and interesting design for the rooms, this home looks like an ideal house for a family that sits together often and entertains a lot. With the ideas being simple yet stylish, the house has both modern and traditional elements which complement each other. By adding sufficient wooden elements and using artifacts and paintings sufficiently throughout the house, the interior architects from Zeal Arch Designs in Vadodara have managed to create the wonderful Penthouse of Mr. Mahesh Dama presented here. Interesting lighting and modern fixtures, they have used the modern technology and ideas to the best to come up a design that works.

Great Entrance

The nice use of space allows the homeowners to organize their shoes and footwear. The design allows people to be comfortable while wearing or removing them. The lovely color of the wall and the simple artwork makes the place look stylish.

Stylish Sitting Room

The sofas and the walls have been kept white and this seems to be the common preference these days. It is not unusual considering that you can do a lot by keeping the design simple. Since a whole of textures, elements and designs complement the color white, you can choose according to your requirements. Here, the choice of lighting and the accent wall creates an interesting dynamic and look for this space.

Simple Wall Unit

Simple is easy to create and maintain. By using a darker shade for the wall, the unit and the Tv becomes instantly attractive. The focused lighting adds to the beauty of the space.

Small yet Functional Dining

The dining room may look small but it is perfect for the family and its purpose. While allowing six people to be seated here at any time, the design itself is stylish and modern. The chairs and the glass table makes it look uniquely contemporary.

Vibrant Bedroom

By using a modern design and a vibrant color for this room, they have created an energetic and happy space. The circles on the back wall along with the simple bed make this modern bedroom interesting and cozy. There is sufficient lighting and the false ceiling with the inset lights sets the right mood for this room.

Bright Children’s Room

Happy and optimistic colors make this room a great place for kids. While the bunk bed adds a fun element to the room, the cheery colors on the bed and the blinds make the children want to spend more time in this space. The Disney blinds in the room is definitely a major attraction for the kids.

Colorful Bathroom

By using the same colors and shades in the bathroom both functional and classic, the designers have managed to create a consistent theme for the bathroom. The sink and the cabinets match the theme as well. Making use of modern fixtures have made the bathrooms functional and perfect for this contemporary and modern home.32 small and modern bathrooms to copy from instantly

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