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Flowers have been used since ages as symbolic expressions of inner feelings and to suit occasions. Flowers go well with happy events like birthdays and weddings. Flowers are just at home during funerals. Even types and colours of flowers have symbolic meanings and it is customary to choose a flower to express what you feel, if you cannot say it in words.  However, there is more to flowers than just symbolic representations of emotions. Flowers are also associated with your personality types and flowers are associated with zodiac signs. Flowers brighten up indoors and garden outdoors and can relieve the monotony of spaces with their evanescent beauty. You can get much more out of flowers if you choose potted flowering plants that are aligned with your personality type. Pick the right ones and there is peace and harmony at home and inside you. The wrong ones can promote negativity so pick them with care and surround yourself with flowers suited for your personality and character type.

Green plants for a cheerful personality

A cheerful personality likes to surround himself with people and things that keep his mood elevated. In the matter of flowers, the daisy is the easiest to grow and keep at home since daisies are associated with optimistic characters. The chrysanthemum is another potted flowering plant known to typify a cheerful personality. If that does not appeal to you, then the Coreopsis will as will Crocus. The Crocus is the same family to which saffron belongs and is associated with joy and hope as well, an ideal plant to grow indoors under temperate conditions. What suits you and what you like can be two different things. And another thing to keep in mind is that your birth sign may be associated with a specific flower or flowers. These flowers provide a positive energy and keep you cheerful. For example, someone born in February will have violet as the birth flower and a couple of plants of these flowers in the home will keep him cheerful. The beautiful living room with lushful plants shown in the picture above has been designed by Levenssfeer, interior architects from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Picking the right flower is key to peace at home

Vaastu and Chinese experts advise against the use of plants with thorns and prickly edged leaves inside or outside the house since thorns create discords and conflict. Opt, instead, for fleshy round shaped plants. As for flowers, one flower with which you cannot go wrong is the honeysuckle. It looks good and smells sweet. Lavender is another plant with its violet colored flowers and unique smell that will provide a pleasing, calming atmosphere inside the house that will promote peace. A Munstead lavender in a pot grows quite well indoors. If you can provide a warm, humid atmosphere inside or live in a zone that is warm, then you can consider orchids that represent love and friendship as well as fertility. If you look around there are plenty of potted flowers such as the morning glory, the sight of which will brighten your day or the incomparable peace lily, said to relieve stress and promote tranquility inside homes.

Flowers for optimistic types

The characteristic of most optimistic people is that they are sunny and cheerful, with a positive outlook no matter what the situation is. As such the sunflower would exemplify their personality type. Borderline optimists are those whose optimism is tempered with a dose of caution. In such cases they could go well with Daisies. If you like daisies you might well be a rational optimist. Grow them in pots inside your house and reinforce your natural traits. Then there are people who are all out optimist and will dive head first and ask questions later. These people and poppies are well suited to each other. On the other hand, they might do well to choose daisies that will temper their over-enthusiasm. If you are optimistic then why not choose all three? Sunflowers can sit outside while daisies and poppies will decorate your interiors. Keep in mind your birth flower as well!

Flowers for the meticulous types

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The meticulous types can be fastidious but they can also be dependable. Sometimes they can be noble too, in which case a magnolia will suit them to perfection. Some can be fastidious and also quite sophisticated in matters of style, behavior and dress. In this case orchids are perfect for these types, besides denoting a certain refinement. They may not have many friends so, perhaps, they might also benefit by having a sweet pea plant since it helps give them courage to attract new friends. A meticulous person can also be stubborn. Lily of the valley is the perfect flower to denote such types since it shows the person also has willpower and can handle most situations with tact and wisdom. They might also have strength of character which is denoted by the Gladiolus flower. Use one or any of these in the form of potted plants in your home.

Flowers for the independent types

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An independent person can be independent in thought or action or both. He might be stubborn but he can be generous too. He can be emotional but in a distant way. The question is: do you need to reign in your independent streak and mix more with people or should you tread on the path you have chosen? You can pick flowering plants like Hyacinth and Hydrangea to truly show what you are like. A zinnia might indicate that you also have an affectionate side to you. Independent types can be narcissistic too so a narcissus flower might be exactly what suits their personality.  The gladiolus is another flower that independent types will find suited to their character since it symbolizes strength of character and also family togetherness without sacrificing that independent stream.  Some might argue that an independent person is so set on pursuing his path that he might as well not care about flowers at all.

Flowers for the melancholic ones

The Lily is associated with funeral wreaths so should the melancholic ones surround themselves with Lillies? On the contrary, they could do with some cheering up. A melancholy person may be wrapped up in himself and his miseries so, to cheer him up, daisies are the remedy. Violets might suit them too since violets are supposed to suit people who are simple in their outlook but with a streak of loyalty. They might need to be cheered up in which case the sweet smell of jasmine is the perfect pick-me-up. The marigold is another flower that purifies the air around and will lift up the soul of the melancholic. With its bright orange-yellow color, it is also a pleasing sight for melancholic eyes. The chrysanthemum is associated with cheerful types but here, it can cheer up people with a melancholy outlook on life. Pick flowers that seem to smile and lift up your soul if you feel sadness overwhelming you and it will make a great difference to your life.

With so many flowers signifying so many different things, knowing ones that suit your character and personality will help you pick the right ones and create positive vibrations inside your home.

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