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22 creative wall décor ideas for Indian homes

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In the process of finding the perfect furniture and furnishings to decorate the house, often the walls are neglected. However, it is a feature that can greatly enhance the style of a house and add lots of personality to any room. Decorating the blank walls in your house does not have to be an expensive proposition. In today’s ideabook, we bring you 22 creative wall décor ideas, which include cheap D-I-Y solutions, to bring life to boring walls.

1. Wall of memories

A blank wall in the passageway or along the staircase can become interesting with the addition of some beautiful family pictures in simple frames. Browse through your collection of photographs or your favourite moments – vacations, special occasions or life events – and display them to create unique wall décor in your house.

2. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is perhaps the most common among living room wall décor ideas. It works irrespective of the size of the house and can add style to even the tiniest apartment. It’s easy to install and can be replaced when you want a change.

3. A stunning colour

The simplest among wall design ideas is to paint the walls in a bright colour. Additionally, you can place accessories such as mirrors or photographs with contrast coloured frames to make the space look spectacular.

Find a professional to get your walls painted in a beautiful shade.

4. A gallery

Nothing brings life to a wall more than a collection of art or artefacts. Whether it’s a collection of posters, photographs, paintings or crockery, this is an idea that works well, especially as large wall décor.

5. A beautiful landscape

Bedrooms need to be soothing so that it allows you to relax within. Among the best wall décor ideas for bedrooms is installing a wallpaper with a beautiful scenery to create a calm ambiance in the room. It can work just as well in living rooms or dining areas.

6. A carpet or tapestry

Before you throw out an unused rug or tapestry, look around your home and see whether it can add beauty to one of the walls. Hanging old rugs on the wall is a cheap wall décor idea as you the only things you need to spend on are a few nails and a frame to mount it on the wall.

7. Hand painted images

For kids’ bedrooms among the cheap wall décor ideas, DIY solutions such as hand painted motifs or stencils of cartoon characters or animals are a great idea for adding a fun touch to the space.

Get more ideas for affordable wall decor.

8. Texture

Adding texture to the walls can bring a 3D effect to the room. A large pictorial sculpture mounted on the wall of a living room can create a stunning feature in the house.

9. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great solution for wall décor in any room, especially one that is small or dark as it reflects light and space to make the area appear brighter and larger.

10. Inspiring quotes

Making a statement wall in your house is another idea for unique wall décor. All you need to do is paste or paint your favourite quote on the wall to inspire everyone who reads it.

11. Stone cladding

Another idea for adding texture to living or dining room wall décor is to clad a section of the wall with stone tiles. It will bring a lovely natural look to the area.

12. A green wall

A living or green wall also works well in a dining room or living area as it introduces a refreshing touch to the ambiance.

13. Storage and display

If your small apartment does not have space to stash your bike when it's not in use, how about utilising it to create a memorable wall display? Take it a step further by painting the background wall in a bold colour.

14. Shelves for décor

Display shelves are another effective resource for adding interest to blank walls. They can be used to store books and décor accessories to add personality to the room.

15. Wall stickers

Another cheap wall décor idea, which is also a D-I-Y solution, is to paste decorative stickers or decals on the wall to bring a unique element to the room.

16. Magnetic boards

Among the innovative wall décor ideas for kitchens is a magnetic board that can be used as a base for creatively displaying utensils or even as a storage shelf for condiments and spices.

17. CD wall

Whether you want to use your old CDs or visit flea markets to find your favourite recording artists, creating a CD wall is a great solution for wall décor ideas from waste material. It is also an inexpensive way to make a wall unique and interesting.

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18. Blackboard

If you are looking for versatile wall décor ideas for kitchens, then consider covering one of the walls with a blackboard. It can serve as a place to write recipes or sketch your favourite dishes. The best part is that you can wipe and redraw the images once you get bored with them.

19. Frames

Tiny bathrooms are not the easiest to decorate, but you can make them interesting by mounting frames in a variety of shapes and colours. Adding mirrors in the frames is one of the popular and practical wall décor ideas for bathrooms that are small, as they will reflect the space and increase the sense of amplitude in the room.

20. Textured wall paper

Textured wallpaper in a metallic finish is a wonderful way to add a stunning feature to a living room. For smaller areas, DIY wall décor ideas with crepe paper can work just as well. All you need to do is paste the paper on the section of the wall that you want to decorate and then cover it in the colour or design of your choice using spray paint cans.

21. Light up the wall

Of course, you can think out of the box and come up with innovative ways to make your walls memorable. Displaying a stunning collection of colourful artistic lamps on the living room wall will not only make the room brighter but also introduce a stunning element that becomes the highlight of your house.

22. Wooden wall

Wood walls are considered difficult to decorate as you don’t want to spoil the natural material by fixing too many nails into it. While a wood wall has natural charm, it can get monotonous after a while. Among the wood wall decorating ideas that help to add texture to the room is to clad the wall with strips of wood. Highlighting the uneven surface with lighting can enhance the texture of the wall and bring a lovely feature to the space.

Depending upon your budget, you can find hundreds of clever wall décor ideas that can add style to your home. The easiest option is to browse through your storage to discover forgotten treasures such as photographs, posters, crockery, records or even trophies that you can display on your wall to reflect a bit of your personality in your home. If you are unsure about the best way to organize your unique wall décor, you should consult an interior design professional as they will come up with creative solutions that will make everyone admire your home and its treasures.

Which of these ideas did you like the best? Leave a comment to let us know.

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