10 sofa designs for a modern living room

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The living room and more importantly the sofas that are part of it are one of the most important elements of interior design. This is because the living room is the room which the whole household uses to relax and unwind, and comfortable and aesthetically pleasing sofas can change the whole look and feel of a living room. Today we will look at some of the sofa designs trending this year. We will explore some of the popular styles of sofas and what kind of home they are most suitable for. We will also discuss different styles such as the minimalist style, industrial style, classic style and vintage among many others. 

Hopefully these ideas and beautiful pictures of professionally designed living rooms will give you some inspiration for furnishing your own home and keeping it up to date and modern. Let's check it out shall we? 

1. Extra large sofa bed

Grey Faux Leather Sofa Bed Sofas In Fashion Living roomSofas & armchairs Fake Leather Grey
Sofas In Fashion

Grey Faux Leather Sofa Bed

Sofas In Fashion

Sofa beds have been popular for quite a while now, and now the craze has reached a new level—extra large sofa beds! Since they are so practical and convenient, it isn't surprising that people seem to want bigger sofa beds. These brilliant sofas can be pulled out to make a comfy really big king size bed that could probably fit 4 people quite comfortably—now that's what you call a deal! For more inspiration, here are the latest sofa bed trends for 2018

2. Futon sofa bed

Futons are Japanese and they're trendy. Futons are the quintessential of the minimalist style and are super versatile, even more so than sofa beds, because they can be simply stretched out on the floor as a mattress or even a play bed for babies.  For example, here are 5 ways to use floor mattresses at home. The futon sofa bed design featured here is simple, natural and cosy with its light coloured wooden base and comfy cotton upholstery.

3. Viadurini Italian luxury sofas

If you can afford it and it goes with the extravagant or elegant style of your home, then why not some Viadurini Italian luxury sofas. The comfort, luxury and elegance of this sofa set is simply outstanding and will probably even impress the queen of England! However, if you prefer creativity to luxury, check out these 6 sofas that will blow your mind.

4. Industrial design Doimo sofas

For those us with a preference for a more urban chic style which is youthful and trendy, the industrial design style works quite well. The industrial design Doimo sofas pictured here would look great in most modern apartments. We recommend choosing neutral colours for the sofa if you're trying to maintain a strictly industrial design look. 

5. Cheap brown leather sofa

Brown Leather Sofas from Leather Sofa Sale Cheap leather sofas ltd Living roomSofas & armchairs Leather Brown
Cheap leather sofas ltd

Brown Leather Sofas from Leather Sofa Sale

Cheap leather sofas ltd

Just because you're on a budget, it doesn't mean you can't have a comfortable,  nice-looking sofa, there are always options, like the cheap brown leather sofa pictured here for example. Don't worry, homify has a sofa for every budget and for every taste. Here are 9 pictures of living rooms furnished with old sofas for more inspiration. 

6. Outdoor sofa set

These gorgeously carved wooden sofas will look delightful in any outdoor setting like the garden, patio or terrace. This outdoor sofa set is excellent for creating a peaceful natural setting, and can be quite a refreshing change when compared to the standard wicker chairs usually used for outdoor areas. 

6. Royal oriental maroon daybed sofa chaise

MOULIN ROUGE Royal Oriental Red Maroon Daybed Sofa Chaise Longue REGAL SOFAS AND INTERIORS Living roomSofas & armchairs

MOULIN ROUGE Royal Oriental Red Maroon Daybed Sofa Chaise Longue


You could also choose to indulge your senses in this Moulin Rouge style sofa come daybed featuring a rich maroon velvet fabric finished with exquisite pleating to the arms and the sides and accented with beautifully made cushions. This will make you feel like royalty, and will go quite well if you have a living room with an eclectic or classy vintage design. 

7. Boxy furniture

Interior Designers, Decorators and Design Services in Mumbai - Oxedea Interiors Oxedea Interiors Living roomSide tables & trays
Oxedea Interiors

Interior Designers, Decorators and Design Services in Mumbai—Oxedea Interiors

Oxedea Interiors

Yes, boxy furniture is back in style this year. However, remember to mix up the clean straight lines with some curves and soft edges so that your living room doesn't look too cold and formal. White is a good colour that goes with the boxy design as it gives off a minimalist vibe, but neutral colours or pastels are pretty as well. 

8. Vintage sofas

Last but not least, vintage sofas are a big hit this year. The longing for nostalgia has never been so intense, but you might be surprised that most of these vintage furniture designs are new so they have a unique contemporary twist which compliments the old-fashioned classy retro style of the 60s. 

We hope you've enjoyed this collection of gorgeous sofa designs. The next time you need more inspiration, you know where to find some! 

Which sofa designs do you like best? 

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