Interior:  Corridor & hallway by SPACCE INTERIORS

A modern Indian home with spacious interiors

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This home is as close to nature as you can get and this is thanks to the natural elements, accents and the importance of staying as minimally modern as possible. So, this home is traditional, rustic yet exceptional in style. Extensive use of stone and greenery makes you feel like the home is almost rural in its look. Living in this home will truly be a wonderful experience for the homeowners. The interior architects of Spacce Interiors have truly created a one-of-a-kind home. By following simple lines and minimal use of colors, they have kept the look natural and interesting.

A beautiful lobby

Interior:  Corridor & hallway by SPACCE INTERIORS

This wonderful view of the home as soon as you enter the house is impressive and imposing. The plant in the center is a unique way to welcome guests and shows the importance the homeowners seem to have for greenery and nature.

Warm Leather Sofas

Interior:  Corridor & hallway by SPACCE INTERIORS

This may probably be the only modern element you will see around the house.  With the color of the leather matching the other elements such as the walls and the stone used on the wall, it complements everything so beautifully.

Gorgeous Sitting Room

Interior:  Corridor & hallway by SPACCE INTERIORS

This rustic living room is a perfect match to the outdoors. With the room so big and open, the fans and the lights seem minimal but the rooms seem pretty well-ventilated thanks to the large windows. What truly takes the cake are the sap green sofas which seem to match the outdoors perfectly.

Simple Sitting Room

Interior:  Corridor & hallway by SPACCE INTERIORS

This room is perfect for entertaining family or friends. It does not matter how many people you have to entertain; the size of the room makes it easy for you to do so. The choice of blinds is great as it is natural and seems to gel with the overall theme of the house.

Wonderful Lighting

Interior:  Corridor & hallway by SPACCE INTERIORS

This beautiful space has been made prettier thanks to the lovely use of lights. While some of them are traditional designs, others are modern but do not seem out of place. The long hangings attached to the lights make them look rustic and interesting. The use of palms in the center of the house is lovely as it is open to the outside in that part of the house. This brings in the natural light making it the perfect space to relax.

Modern Exterior Structure

Interior: modern Pool by SPACCE INTERIORS

Looking at the exterior structure, one would imagine a contemporary and modern home. However, it is highly deceiving as on the inside the designers have used traditional accents and elements to create a unique and a striking home. The large swimming pool in the premises allows for the homeowners to enjoy the comforts of the same within the house. The lounging chairs which have been added to the swimming pool create a perfect atmosphere for a relaxing day.Transform the way you look at homes and interiors by staying with us on the next tour.15 inspiring ideas of modern facades for your home.

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