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East meets west in a contemporary Pune home

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Designed by RA LifestylesFurniture & Accessories suppliers in Pune, this home is the perfect amalgamation of East meets West in terms of design, colour scheme and. From using simple colours to bring out the furniture pieces, to using minimal but perfect lighting, the designers have nailed this home interior design project with 10/10 in each category. Let us take a walk through this beautiful house and see how the designers have elevated each aspect of the interiors with simple but effective colours and lighting. This is a brilliant showcase of the designers’ skills.

East meets west in beautiful decor

Living Area: eclectic Living room by RA LIFESTYLES

Living Area


The earthy tones in the eclectic living room create a very calming effect in this house. The designers have used soft tones for painting the walls. The curtains too are a shade of cream that is enchanting. The Indian jhula, combined with sofa makes the perfect seating arrangements. The middle table is made of dark, polished wood, which looks stylish among all the soft hues.

A cozy nook

Study : asian Study/office by RA LIFESTYLES

Limited space means there is more room to play around with traditional design styles. It doesn’t have to adhere to the typical living room, modern a kitchen, and dining room distinction. We love how the designer shave used this cozy little nook to create a nice reading and relaxing spot. There is seat by the window, with a shelf right behind to store all your books. This corner is where we would spend all our time while at home.

Classic bedroom design

Bed room : mediterranean Bedroom by RA LIFESTYLES

Next is the elegant and classic bedroom design. It is simple and functional, like the rest of the house. There is a wooden bed with am intricately carved headboard. The side table is also wooden and made especially for the homeowners. The rest of the room is not crowded with unnecessary furniture in order to make the space relaxed and breathable.

Lighting that wows

Balcony:  Balconies, verandas & terraces  by RA LIFESTYLES

The lighting in this room is spectacular. By spectacular, we do not mean a lot of lighting and lots of lighting fixtures. The lighting has been placed in order to use fewer light bulbs but provide maximum light. The key spaces are well lit to ensure that if you sit down to read or do something else, there are no dark spots in the room. We love the textured wall on the opposite end of the room. It looks stunning as compared to the remaining room that is bathed soft hues.

Elegant decor

Corridor:  Corridor, hallway & stairs  by RA LIFESTYLES

The overall décor of this home is very elegant, modern as well as just a little bit rustic. This makes a great combination, especially when executed in the right manner. The furniture used throughout the house is made of dark, polished wood, so there is a sense of continuation wherever you go in the house. The combination of light coloured hues is quite fascinating, especially when they contrast with a single unique colour in the room.For more beautiful home tours, take a look at this Ideabook.8 pictures of bedrooms decorated on a budget.

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