10 beautiful terrace designs which require very little space

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A small terrace is not a good excuse for not creating creating a charming garden in it. This deficiency can be used to look stunning, and compliment the design that suits your home the best. The following idea book is the proof!

Our range of various terrace designs in limited spaces could be the solution or an inspiration for you to change the terrace into a little oasis of calm. In addition, we also added simple tips, which will allow you to choose the most ideal and fun design for your home. Ready? Let's go! 

1. Surround the patio with greenery and colorful flowers

If you love plants and flowers, why not try this refreshing idea? You just have to put your favorite plants and flowers around the patio. To outsmart the limited land, just build a concrete fence around it. This will also give you an even more private atmosphere. You can also take advantage of the patio for a relaxing BBQ on weekends. Interesting idea is it not?

2. A charming terrace with strong character

To create a small terrace with a nice view, sometimes does not require so many elements, just fix it and use inspiration from around you. Take a look at the following design, which makes the grass the main element and it turns out to be sensational. In between the grass and the plants, try to leave a little space for a bench or chairs to relax.

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3. Decorate with fresh colors and natural materials

The following designs use furniture and decorative objects, such as natural materials from clay, wood, bamboo, and others. This method makes the atmosphere look more cool. If you want a little play with the colors, try to present bright colors on the walls or decorative sculptures that make the patio look more alive.

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4. The choice of minimalist decor is not less beautiful!

If you like the fresh, clean, and well-organized terrace look, then it's time to redecorate the terrace in a minimalist style. Just add some basic elements like a place to eat, a hammock , and an open and clean corner. Thus, the small terrace looks more spacious.

But remember! In minimalist style, neutral colors are the absolute elements that you should not invalidate. If you want to know more about minimalist styles, try reading this article: a contemporary apartment with a minimalist approach.

5. Tropical touches

Even though your home terrace may be very small, there is a lot of potential that you can dig there. One of them is to decorate and create a tropical corner, simply by adding plants, trees, bamboo, and also elements of wood in it, then your terrace looks even more soothing! But you need to note, if you choose to create a tropical garden, you also need water and routine care for pests that nest there. 

6. A natural and contemporary atmosphere in one!

Coming closer to nature is probably the best choice for your home! To bring the maximum relaxing atmosphere, just put as many plants into the small terrace behind the house. This simple and minimalist idea can create a modern and stylish feel  for your terrace. For example, you can place a path from a truncated log. 

7. Stunning country-style decor

If you want to use the terrace to relax with the feel of a tropical garden, another idea that you can apply is to make the decor with the feel of country in it. This can be done by placing rattan furniture and decorative objects with simple yet unique shapes. Certainly, you will feel at home here!

8. Present textures and patterned wall coverings

Nothing is more sad and boring than having a colorless or neglected wall left without anything. To overcome this, simply apply the idea to coat the wall with your favorite material. Use materials that evoke natural nuances in them, such as rocks, sand, or even bark. As a reference, try the interesting color and texture options in the picture. 

9. Mini garden on the wall

This way you can save space or more precisely, take advantage of the wall! Place the garden on wood or concrete walls with different colors above it, to create a beautiful hanging garden and also shade. If you have trouble making your own, calling  experts to make it is a good idea. 

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10. Lighting the porch that welcomes anyone who comes!

In the end, we present the idea to decorate your front porch. If you look carefully, in the following picture there is integrated lighting under the bench. The presence of a small hanging garden also gives a more soothing, cooling effect to the whole terrace.

How could you not fall in love with a design like this?

Which small terrace design do you like best? 

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