5 beautiful bedroom designs for your home

Bedroom Interiors Preetham Interior Designer Modern style bedroom
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A beautiful home calls for an even more beautiful room especially a bedroom—A place where peace lingers with the warmth and love of the family. Keeping a bedroom minimal, designer, modern or rustically traditional depends on the choice people who live in. Sometimes people know what they want at other times one has a simplistic idea however, is not sure how to execute it. So here are some very chic and beautiful interiors which will help in deciding which type of a bedroom is suitable in the specific kind of space and place.

Bedroom interiors—khanna residence

Bedroom Interiors -Khanna residence Preetham Interior Designer Modern style bedroom
Preetham  Interior Designer

Bedroom Interiors -Khanna residence

Preetham Interior Designer

A tiled floor with complete wood work gives a very interesting look to the room. The use of the basic wood gives the room a very natural and complete look. The elegant and modern design of the bed adds to the beauty of the bedroom. The placement of the side tables with lamps and the wooden headboard completes the bed. A very creative placement of the flower vases over the bed wall looks classic here and the usage of printed wall tiles to make a pretty lamination on the wall is such a modern idea! Preetham interior designer has done a remarkable job when it comes to the designing of Khanna residence. 

The side wall is completely adorned with the wooden wardrobe that not just provides enough space for storage but also adds to the décor of the room. All in all, the light wall colors and the wooden look of the room make it look wonderful. 

Bedroom interiors -- karthik residence

Bedroom Interiors -- Karthik residence Preetham Interior Designer Modern style bedroom
Preetham  Interior Designer

Bedroom Interiors -- Karthik residence

Preetham Interior Designer

A bedroom does not consists of the bed alone. Keeping focus on making each and everything look pretty is one very basic requirement for a beautiful bedroom. This particular bedroom design consists of a bed, a wardrobe, a study table and the beautiful hues. The basic wooden bed in the room decked up with white and blue combination of the bed sheet and wall colors look just as pretty. A very minimal design of the headboard looks very chic and the unique within the wall lights give a very elegant look. The wooden wardrobe completes the look of the room with a small study added to it. The false ceiling and the lights from within them give a very interesting and adorable brightness to the room.

Minimalistic bedroom interiors

Minimalistic Bedroom Interiors Preetham Interior Designer Modern style bedroom
Preetham  Interior Designer

Minimalistic Bedroom Interiors

Preetham Interior Designer

Keeping it simple is the idea behind this choice of bedroom. Placing only the bed, the television and the side tables with lamps in the room makes it look grand and equipped. The placement of lights in this room highlights the colors and the wood work in the room. A very minimal wood bed design looks smart and easy to maintain. The grey color of the wall behind the bed with lights looks awesome. The wooden wardrobe with enough space for storage and the window with a very light curtains give it a very pretty appearance. A wooden panel with the mounted television in front of the bed is very apt.  

Bedroom interiors

With larger space available in the room, it becomes easier to place things and accessorize the room easily. A bedroom is not just to sleep in and most of the times people tend to stay in and laze around. Keeping it equipped only when there is enough space is sensible. This room with pale colors looks just appropriate for a living space. The lemon shade on the walls and the wardrobe looks just amazing. Starting from the wooden wardrobe this room is looks very airy with two big windows with wooden frames and light curtains. The lights in the room also have a very effective brightness that further enhances the color of the walls. The minimal design of the bed along with the headboard and the wall behind completely is a very chic and smart choice. Using the rest of the space and converting it into a wall-to-wall sitting is such an intelligent manner to use the area. A small table for the morning breakfast and the dinners when in the bedroom adds a zing to the room.

Bedroom interiors—small spaces

Bedroom Interiors - Small spaces Preetham Interior Designer Modern style bedroom
Preetham  Interior Designer

Bedroom Interiors—Small spaces

Preetham Interior Designer

Decorating a big room is one thing, making a small space look spacious enough is another. For a small space to decorate with many things just to make it look equipped only worsen up things. Keeping it simple highlights the objects and the décor of the room. A small bed placed right under the window not just gives a pretty sky view from the window but also uses the space efficiently. The big glass window enhances the look of the room. The placement of lights from under the wood keeps the brightness low and the room beautifully lit. With so much in the room already, the correct placement of things allows the space of a study as well. A study table with chair is very apt in the room. 

The trick behind keeping it classy is that you keep appropriate things and not over accessorize the room. Keep it as per choice but, with elegance. Use these ideas and make bedroom the most beautiful and modern space of the house. Looking for more bedroom designs? Don't forget to check the latest in trend bedroom designs

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