Keep the neighbours out—Protect your home privacy

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Homes are private domains and they are meant to be just that..private! No one likes invasion of privacy by curious neighbours and onlookers, unless invited. Curious eyes can be a big irritant so make sure your sweet home is well protected by windows that allow a private retreat as well as let in the air and light from outside. When it comes to window dressing, there are so many options that its easy to get distracted. It can be one of the most tedious tasks as there are innumerable design, style and color choices.  If installing curtains/ blinds primarily for the purpose of privacy then do take tips from the following kinds that serve the purpose along with adding beautiful elements to your interiors. 

Full length window curtains

These are simple no nonsense full length curtains that can be rolled up and down over a single roll at the top. They are available in countless design, patterns and sizes. Its preferable to install only one panel per window. The roll on top, keep the entire curtain pretty sturdy and it is possible to install a single piece in a huge window. Roller curtains provide a neat and tidy look to the room as there are no pleats unlike velvet curtains and the material used makes them sturdy against the wind; perfect whenever you need privacy in the room. Here is another ideabook that can help you make a more informed choice on window blinds.

Venetian blinds

Wooden Blinds, Bass wood Blinds Louverline Blinds Living roomAccessories & decoration
Louverline Blinds

Wooden Blinds, Bass wood Blinds

Louverline Blinds

Venetian blind is a perfect option for privacy, budget and elegance. Available in both horizontal and vertical options, Venetian blinds are suitable for every room in the house be it the living room, kitchen or bathroom. They provide a neat and sleek look to the room. Choose from vinyl, faux wood, aluminium or real wood options according to your taste and budget. 

Pleated blind

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Pleated blinds like these are another stylish and elegant way of ensuring privacy in the room. Roll them up to any level that you need to ensure just the right amount of sunlight indoors. They look gorgeous in colorful designs and prints and look just as pretty whether rolled up or rolled down completely. From simple organic cloth to waterproof materials, pleated blinds are fast becoming a popular choice for curtains in modern homes. 

Wooden Louvers

Wooden louvers are a bit old worldly. Not many home owners choose them due to higher maintenance compared to regular louvers made of metal, plastic or fiber but nevertheless they have their own special impact on the room's overall aesthetic. It helps that they assure complete privacy when shut. Wooden Louvers are strong and sturdy so its easy to keep away direct sun, wind and curious prying eyes ! A whole lot of wooden louver designs can be browsed here.

Frosted glass transparency

Frosted glass can either be achieved by the way it is manufactured i.e. the glass itself becomes translucent or frosted films can be put on to plain transparent glass windows for similar effect. Glass films allow a varied choice in patterns and designs. Cover up fully or half way through so that you get privacy without compromising on the daylight through the window. Look over some beautiful window films for your home that can add a touch of class!

An array of choices when it comes to window treatment is on offer both online and offline. As a home owner; it is very common to get baffled with the options available. It is important to decide what exactly is the purpose. Is it to maintain privacy, to block out light, to beautify the window or achieve all three? Its not difficult to find the right type of blinds and curtains that  will check mark all the requirements. Take tips from these wonderful ideas and make the choice that's perfect for you and your home.

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