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The clue is in the name really; living room. It's a space that we spend the most time, choose to socialise in and enjoy, so it makes perfect sense that we would spend a lot of time and sometimes money, getting it right. In fact, as the room that probably sees the most visitors in your home, it would almost be a little remiss not to give it your full attention during decorating!

If you aren't sure about the style of living room that you want, take a look at some of our suggestions. We have compiled some of our favourite living room styles for you to choose from and feel sure that something will stand out and really appeal to you. Just be sure to tell us which you go for!


It's a strange thing when you think about it; industrial styling being used to create a beautiful and stylish living room, yet it happens all the time and there is no denying that the results are simply stunning! Just take a look at this incredible room from Fang Interior Design if you don't believe us!

Commercial ducting and light fixtures keep the room feeling industrial in style, while the large luxe modular sofa and cushions add some comfort. As far as living room styles go, we really do consider this to be one of our favourites and you don't need a New York loft apartment to pull it off!


For something a little more simple and natural, with a homely edge to it, country living room styles are a sure-fire winner. There is something so inherently comforting about a room that looks as though it came straight from a heritage country cottage, don't you agree?

We love the combination of patterned flooring, soft textiles and rustic wood in this picture and think that it perfectly encapsulates everything that country chic is. Throw in a wood burner too and this would be a hard to beat style!


Simple tastes are not to be confused with boring styles; they are just a fabulous way to get the most from your room without cluttering it up and overshadowing the natural charm and beauty that it offers. You can't deny that this example is beautiful and certainly not dull, right?

Living room styles are so varied, but sometimes it really does pay to follow the less is more school of thought. We love the skinny legs of the furniture in this shot, as they leave the space feeling so open and airy and by using a neutral colour palette, nothing feels too over the top or showy. 

Open plan

If you've got the space, why not use it? Open plan living is so hugely popular right now and for good reason! Not only does it help you to get the most out of every square inch of space that you have within your reach, it simply looks divine too! 

Don't feel that you have to put personal taste aside when you open up some rooms, as larger spaces can easily accommodate eclectic décor and funky ideas, which is why it is one of our all time favourite living room styles! Could it be one of yours too?


Not to be confused with simple, minimal living room styles look to really declutter and connect to nature and we can't think of a better example than this amazing shot! 

With a colour palette taken directly from nature, the soft mottled tones all work together to create a visually stunning space that is free of extraneous décor and simply 'is'. Perfect for those of you that aren't interested in having a television in your living room, this style is a lovely relaxation zone with a Zen twist and can we all just take a minute to look at the wood on every surface? Wow!

For more amazing living room inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Plants For Living Room Spaces. If you want to add some nature into your home but you're not sure how, this will give you all the advice you need!

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