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In today’s tour, we look at wooden furniture masterpieces. The thing about wood is that it can be used in many different ways in a range of furniture pieces. This versatile material can be polished differently to give it a different effect. It can also be carved with delicate lattice designs. Let us see how NVT Quality Build SolutionInterior Designers & Decorators in Bangalore, have used wood in myriad different ways to design Prestige Sunny Side.

Elegant use of wood in bathroom

The bathroom design uses wood in a few different ways. The wall-mounted mirror is framed with dark wood, which gives it an elegant look. A wooden shelf on the bottom, which has a beautiful dark polish, supports the wall-mounted sink.

​Unique wardrobe design

This wardrobe design is very different. Usually, designers create closed-door designs for storing clothes and other accessories. Or, they provide a chest of drawers on one side of the room. However, these designers have come up with something new. One side of the wardrobe uses closed doors to store clothes. However, another side offers a vertical line of shelves t store regular wear clothes, books or other accessories.

Floor to ceiling wooden cupboard

Wardrobe with openable style shutter: modern Bedroom by NVT Quality Build solution
NVT Quality Build solution

Wardrobe with openable style shutter

NVT Quality Build solution

And we come to the next wardrobe design. This wardrobe uses panels to differentiate the design. The wooden handles are long and rectangular, to provide an easy and efficient grip. The wardrobe stands alone, and hence, can be moved anywhere in the house. The size is also perfect so you can take it with you when you change homes.

Sleek wooden design

This wardrobe features a much darker polish and a metallic finish to the overall design. The wardrobe is perfect for storing one person’s clothes and accessories. The design is quite elegant and classy. The metallic strips in the middle position separate the three panels. The texture of the wood differentiates all three panels as well.

​Stylish wooden décor

For the bigger modern bathroom, the mirror is slightly larger. The entire wall is fitted with an elegant black marble, which supports the sink. Below the marble is a wooden unit. The unit features four shelves for storing daily essentials, along with two cupboards for storing all your extra shampoos and soaps.

Spectacular kitchen design

The design of the classic kitchen  is quite impressive as well. The wooden structure is created in a way that it looks like a separate unit altogether. The wooden frame is created in a way that it includes all the wooden cabinets at the bottom. These are useful for storage. The kitchen itself follows a beautiful colour scheme, which includes the earthy tone back splash and the light brown wall-mounted shelves.

Modern, functional kitchen

The rest of the kitchen follows the same theme. We love the space has been utilized to include modern appliances in the design itself. There is a whiteboard on one wall for menu and meal planning. The high shelves are well lit to showcase beautiful crockery pieces.

​Special storage space

The designers have turned this corner into a wardrobe, by using an L-shaped wooden wardrobe to provide storage space.For more exciting home and interior ideas, be with us on the next tour! 7 small kitchens for Indian homes.

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