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Some meaningful gifting ideas for Griha pravesh or housewarming

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Griha pravesh or house warming is a major event in people’s life and a reason of happiness and celebration for the family. Most people are clueless about what to gift for the Griha pravesh. Hence they end up buying something which turns up to be worthless for the family. It’s important to choose a heart-warming meaningful gift that is apt for the entire family and home. The gift should convey your best wishes for the family. So now the big question- what’s the perfect gift to give in the Griha pravesh?

Here are a few thoughtful gifting ideas for the Griha pravesh which will surely make the proud home owner happy and thankful for it. Have a look!

​1. Diya or lamps

What could be a better wish than wishing for prosperity and bright future for the family in their new home? Diyas or lamps are the source of light and positive energy. It‘s also a symbol of purity. When lit, it burns to absorb all the impurities and negative energy around it and fill the space with light, warmth, aroma and positive vibes. Indians also use the lamps in pooja and religious rituals. In fact none of our auspicious function is complete without lighting the lamps or diyas. Gift the home owner beautiful diyas made of terracotta, brass, silver or any other metal that suits your budget. The family will remember you every time they will light it.

​2. Serene statue

Remember… Griha pravesh is an auspicious occasion. It will be better if the gift matches the auspicious nature of the occasion. A beautiful serene looking spiritual statue will be a great gift for the entire family in their new home. However, show some creativity and sensitivity while selecting the statue. It is not necessary that you gift the statue of God only. You may opt for abstract too. Or maybe go for some peaceful statue that will bring in serenity into the home.

​3. Tulsi in a pot

Gifting your loved one a Tulsi plant during the Griha pravesh ceremony will show them about your care, love and affection. Every day your good wishes will spread along with the aroma of Tulsi. Tulsi is respected in our culture and is prayed for its medicinal values and ability to keep the air pure and healthy. Now even the world has recognized the benefits of Tulsi. Though a pot of Tulsi plant is not an expensive gift, but the gesture it will carry with it is priceless and will be cherished forever.

​4. The auspicious Lotus

The Lotus flower symbolizes beauty, prosperity, purity, splendour, grace, fertility, wealth, happiness, richness, knowledge and serenity. These are exactly what you wish to the family in the auspicious occasion of Griha pravesh. Lotus is the magnificent flower which grows in dirty and muddy water and still remains untouched and unstained by its dirt. This notable feature has made it an embodiment of perfection in various Asian religions and cultures, particularly in Buddhism and Hinduism. But leave aside its religious implication and acknowledge the beauty and significance of lotus flower. Terracotta or crystal lotus flower will make a great gift. If the home owner has a beautiful garden, then you may also think about gifting a real lotus plants.

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Which of these gifts would you love to give or receive? Leave your comments below.

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