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An eternal love for the rustic style: True or False

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Residence at Sonale village M+P Architects Collaborative Rustic style kitchen
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Rustic style homes have a timeless quality about them which never goes out of style but sometimes in their enthusiasm to keep the décor authentic people make the house look like a crude replica. The trick in redecorating a house in rustic style is to decorate different parts in both modern and rustic touches. Both rustic and current décor styles can be seamlessly integrated to make a home that is both comfortable and attractive. People sometimes have a wrong mindset and think that the rustic style is suitable only for countryside homes or farmhouses, as homes built with natural materials and little sign of modern finishes give a comforting air to the house.

The rustic style uses only wood

Rustic style does deal with a lot of wood as it was one of the earliest building materials like stone and clay which together create an earthy and warm environment within the house. But in the modern world wood has become scarce and there are more durable alternatives to wood that are maintenance free and less expensive too. To save on wood and retain a rustic touch the designer has cleverly mixed several elements that ensure comfort and a lively atmosphere. The designers here have mixed and matched various materials like wood, stone,cement and concrete to create a unique effect.

The rustic style is suitable only for older homes

Though it is easier to apply rustic style to older homes as they have been built with traditional materials making a modern home in similar way will give it organic warmth. It is easier to refurbish older houses in rustic style than in contemporary style as they already have touches like wooden beams on the roof, metal fixtures, old furniture and wood flooring. Modern homes can be given a rustic look by leaving a few walls unpainted or setting up brick and stone open fireplace with metal mantel.  

In this home an earthy look is emphasised by a brick wall between the bedroom and rest of the house along with exposed wooden beams supporting the roof and walls. A shabby chic stool, cabinet and cupboard all made of unpolished wood add beauty to the room that is illuminated with drop down lamps. A floor laid with stone tiles adds to the overall ambiance with a handwoven rug to complete the decor.

The country kitchen is uncomfortable

Every kitchen is created to cook meals and bring the family together to sample the culinary delights that are created from time to time.  Rustic kitchens too focus more on making cooking an easy task instead of focusing on aesthetic attractiveness of the area. The kitchen here may not be a modular one with cabinets below the counter and above but it has all the basic necessities that are required. Wide windows and high ceiling with wooden beams maintain flow of fresh air within the kitchen that has modern appliances like a refrigerator, oven and gas stove along with a long work table to provide sufficient space for two or more people to prepare and cook food in harmony.

The rustic bathroom is uncomfortable

When people are visiting relatives in rural areas or going for holiday to a rustic area their biggest worry is the availability of bathrooms as in those areas are rudimentary. But the owners of this bathroom have taken rustic decor to a whole new level by giving it an industrial twist. The floor has been laid out by interspersing large flat rocks with small white pebbles to create an atmosphere that is found around a natural pool or waterfall in the woods. Hidden ceiling lights and a skylight keep the bathroom bright during the night and the day.

The rustic style is not elegant

Whoever said that rustic style is not elegant, would not have had the fortune of witnessing a house like the one created by Kumar Moorthy Associates with elegant wooden columns holding up the clay tiled roof on the verandah and wooden beams within the house. Wide large doors opening into the veranda and doors connecting rooms to each other have all been designed in the same style to allow free airflow within the house and keep it cool with minimal usage of artificial cooling techniques.

Buying a rustic house can be expensive

A rustic house becomes an expensive exercise if a very old building has been purchased for renovation that requires extensive repairs to make it livable. If a house is being constructed from ground up and natural materials are easily available, then considerable savings can be made during construction. Tall buildings with high roofs will help save energy costs as it will reduce absorption of heat and cold during seasonal changes. Materials like aluminum, glass, cement etc. are used sparingly during construction of rustic homes as the focus is on natural materials like wood and stone, which again helps in bringing down the cost of owning a rustic home. The country house showcased here built with wood and clay tile roofs keep the abode cool in hot summers as well.

For more design ideas to create rustic look for your home browse through to this ideabook.

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