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A wonderful residential project in Pune

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Set amidst greenery this wonderful residential project by the architects at Inspire Interiors & Archcons India in Pune is spectacular. The wide-open spaces for children, well-thought-out a design for the homes and the attention to detail help to create a one-of-a-kind space for people seeking apartments but would want something that is unique and uncomplicated. The proximity to big stores and the well-paved roads within the apartment also made living here easy and happy.

Delightful View

This far view of the apartment gives one the impression that the designers have catered this project towards those who would love open and green spaces along with a home. Also, what makes it more appealing is the fact that there is tons of space for children to play around and get some fresh air.

Proximity of Stores

With the designers paying attention to the needs of apartment owners, they have provided space for retailers and thanks to this person living here will not have to travel too far to shop.

Dramatic Entrance

With a wonderful, clean and modern entrance, this apartment is both welcoming and also provides for the security needed in such apartments. Flanked by tall trees and adequate landscaping, this is a property that people would be more than happy to move into.

Abundant Playgrounds

The builders and designers have paid special attention to providing enough playgrounds and spaces for children. With the roads paved and laid out well, the cars can move in and out in a methodical and organized manner. The shade from the trees and the chairs provide seating and relaxing places for seniors as well.

Attractive Playgrounds

The wonderful playground provides space for children to release their energy while adults walk around and watch them. The grounds are children friendly as there are green lawns for the children to run around and explore.

Well-Designed Floorplan

The floor plan shows that the designers have taken the time to come up with a design that works for all families. With an open and modern kitchen, the dining room stays accessible. Also, the two balconies one in the bedroom and one from the sitting area provide space for some greenery and seating as well.

Well Landscaped Areas

A plan to keep the area green with tall trees makes this place more inviting and cheerful. The wonderful archway to enter the play area is also landscaped well with flowering creepers which adds to the beauty of the place. Installation of strong and genuine play arcade for the kids makes the playground safe.

Attractive Spaces

A beautiful pagoda in the play area adds to the charm of the place. The wooden beams make for a rustic and beautiful entrance to the play area. There are several benches provided all through the Asian style garden.while the lighting takes the experience to the next level.6 pictures of kitchens designed by interior designers in Bangalore.

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