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9 storage ideas for Indian homes

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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With the trend towards smaller apartment and houses that are affordable and easy-to-maintain, the need for storage has never been more important. Designing the right type of storage in a tiny modern home presents a challenge but working with professional architects and designers can solve this problem. They will come up with innovative solutions that make furniture and spaces multi-functional to provide ample storage in almost any area of the home.

We have put together this ideabook with 9 ideas for storage in Indian homes to help you to find the right solutions for your house.

1. In the living room

In Indian homes, a television is a must in the living room, as it’s the place where the family gets together to watch the news or their favourite shows. When the layout of the room is small or narrow, mounting the TV on the wall helps to save space. Another great idea is to build a wall-hung shelf unit that can hold the television. This provides ample space to display décor accessories or store books, music and DVDs.

Take a look at some design ideas for placing the television in a small living room.

2. The dining room

Most modern homes in India have an open-plan layout that connects the living and dining areas. However, it is possible to separate the two spaces visually using furniture that doubles up as a partition. An elegant sideboard between the two areas helps to divide the spaces without compromising on the natural light or the aesthetics. Moreover, it provides storage for crockery, cutlery, linen and anything else that needs to be within easy access in the dining room.

3. Under the stairs

Often, the space under the staircase lies wasted or is used to dump things. Instead, make the most of it by creating customised storage that has a combination of open shelves for displaying items as well as a pull-out unit that can serve as a shoe or coat rack.

4. Bedrooms

Bedrooms need to be free of clutter so that they have the soothing ambiance that is essential for relaxation. When the room is small, instead of using additional cabinets that take up floor space and make the room appear more cramped, design a headboard for the bed that doubles up as a storage unit. It can be used to store books or even have a pull-out section for shoes.

5. Kids’ bedroom

In most apartments, children’s rooms are the smallest. However, with customized furniture, it is easy to incorporate all the essentials into the tiny space. For instance, the space below the bunk bed can be used for a cupboard or a desk. Similarly, drawers under the bed can be used to store toys and shoes.

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6. In the bathroom

While countertop basins with storage are a common feature in most modern bathrooms, not every bathroom is large enough for it. In such cases, it’s vital to find alternate storage solutions. The wall behind the toilet can be used to build hidden storage for medicines, toiletries and towels.

7. Corners in the kitchen

In most kitchens, especially those with an L-shaped or U-shaped layout, the corner units need to be designed efficiently so that the space isn’t wasted. Incorporating intelligent storage systems can make items placed in the deepest corners of the cabinets easy to access.

8. Door racks

The inner side of the doors of kitchen cabinets or wardrobes can be fitted with racks to provide additional storage. In a kitchen cabinet, it can be used as a spice rack. In a wardrobe, depending upon the requirement, it can be customized to hold jewellery, ties, scarves or other accessories.

9. Outdoor storage

Whether it’s in the backyard of your house or in the terrace or balcony of an apartment, outdoor storage is essential to help to keep the area looking neat and organized. Having a cupboard or a storage unit tucked away against one of the walls or under the built-in bench seats can solve this problem. It can be used to store the barbeque, bicycles, footballs, garden tools or any other item that is used outdoors.

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Which of these ideas will you use in your home? Leave a comment to let us know.
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