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Imagine the world without colours! It’s beyond our imagination. Isn’t it? The world is bright and colourful for a reason. Among the numerous colours spread out there, we have our favourites. Our choice of colour defines our persona. But more than that, the colours of the world make it a beautiful canvas filled with life. It is there to elevate our moods. We pick and choose the colours of the nature to fill our life and eventually our home to make it a lively place to live in and an extension of our personality. Different shades have different effect in our life and home. Some brings in calmness while some make the interior look bold. Whatever you want your living space feel and look, we have a colour combination for all. Let’s have a look at these 9 ways to add colour to your living room and gallery to make it stylishly beautiful.

1. Stand-out space

When there is uniformity in colour from floor to ceiling, it’s tantalizing to stand-out and that too with dignity to maintain ones identity and add colour to the space. You cannot miss the sheen of yellow.

2. Eclectic ethos

The natural shade of stone abruptly loses its identity to blend with the brightly painted wall. It is a beautiful and innovative amalgamation of two different philosophies.

3. Shining like the sun

The touch of sunshine yellow in a space dominated by dark brown has brought the brightness of sun right into your home. The combination is is quiet innovative and uncommon. It’s stunningly beautiful and soothing.

​4. The colour of dusk

The same colour in different materials and texture fabricate different shades. The sober calmness of the dusky shades here is soothing and inviting for a peaceful day or romantic evening.

​5. Glamour personified

The monotony of smooth off-white walls is gently broken by the roughness and darkness of the stone wall. However, the contrast in colour and texture are amazingly appealing.

6. The perfect blend

It’s a classic combination, red and white. But what is making this space sensational is the right use of colour in the right place. Even the furniture and furnishing is in complete harmony.

​7. Touch of modernity

Just a touch of brown in predominately cream space looks chic and modern. The simplicity and subtleness of the shades has elevated the feel of this room. It’s sophisticated!

8. Different shades of grey

Flat in El Rehab , Rêny Rêny Eclectic style living room Brown

The power of grey is ruling the interior of home the world over. Grey is very modern and has the power to add boldness into the space. The beauty of this shade is that it gives you freedom to choose any colour for the furnishings and furniture. Everything goes well with grey.

​9. The hue of pastel

It’s modern, it’s contemporary, and it’s fashionable and will remain fresh and chic for long. The pastel shades of pink and grey comes together to make this living space a cool and soothing space to hang out with family.

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