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What does your home decor style tell us about you!

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Scandinavian style living room by decoraCCion Scandinavian
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It takes a lot to convert a house into a home – a place that is an extension of you in many ways. It is not only about the objects you place in it or the colours you paint it with, but how there is a little bit of you in everything around. It may be a mural that you brought back from a vacation that reminds you of the wonderful time you had. It may be an artistic figurine you received as a gift from your best friend or even the books arranged on the shelf that sets an anticipation of wisdom nuggets in an impending conversation.

Did you know that a lot of what you keep and how you design your home directly reflects your personality? If a stranger walks into your home today, he can perceive traits in your personality by simply looking at your home. Won’t believe us?

Think of the times you’ve visited someone’s home for the first time. As you catch sight of dust on the bookshelf, you realize that it has remained untouched for a while. When you see crayon designs on the wall, you know there is a naughty three-four year-old around somewhere.  When you see a spotless home with modern amenities and designer furniture, you know that the homemaker has taken the time to arrange each corner with forethought.

So, how exactly do you reflect yourself in your home? In our emotional design guide below, we’ve picked up design styles that suit certain personality types. Pick up a style to know if it is what you wish to extrapolate in your home.

A general guideline before we begin – Declutter! Get rid of the things that have been ‘simply lying around’ and drag down your design quotient. Look around your room carefully – does that pen stand look a century old? Does the lampshade in the room go with the overall décor you have in mind?

Now that you have your basics ready, pick a style and get started:

Country: Represents a sincere and loyal attitude

Living Room Country style living room by ZERO9 Country

Living Room


There is something about a rustic country design that instantly connects us with our roots. It feels true to the heart and closer to our soul. Filled with elegance and classic style, country style homes are similar to their approach to light as Scandinavian designs – both initiate a greater connect with nature and environment by giving emphasis to well-lit homes, flooded with natural sunlight and supported by ample artificial lights. The living room, in the picture above, designed by Mumbai-based architects Zero9, captures the essence of the country style in its well-lit interiors and abundance of brightness.

With an emphasis on wall colours with natural undertones, like dusty greens, barn yellows, and rustic reds that complement wooden flooring and furniture design, it portrays the homemaker as someone who may be steadfast, well-rooted in tradition, but modern in outlook. With ornate photo frames, vintage artefacts, hand-carved intricate wooden furniture and plants in colourful terracotta pots, go for this design in your home, only if you can maintain it spotlessly.

Scandinavian: Represents practical sense and easy going attitude

If we were to sum up Scandinavian design in one word, it would be ‘Hygge’ which means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with the people you love. Since they spend a considerable time at home due to harsh winters, this design philosophy is all about making their home cosy and comfortable. With emphasis on practical design, this approach personifies the easy-going attitude of the homemaker.

You can get this look in a few simple steps. Bring in a lot of natural light with added windows and light curtains. Compliment this with white walls and artistic, yet practical, furniture and fittings. Create a contrast with wood panels or flooring, as it adds to a warm look and finish with a good variety of indoor plants. When choosing seating options, go for a really soft, cosy sofa in grey and a big, wide dining table, where the whole family can come together for meals and enjoy a good conversation. To add a dash of colour to the room, use a bright painting or a colourful Moroccan rug.

Eclectic: Hidden creative personality

One of the best styles that showcase the creativity of the homemaker, eclectic designs are an amalgamation of seemingly mismatched items that come together to form a perfect fit by their contrast.

Careful to not border on randomly putting together a bunch of things, an eclectic style thrives on finding a rhythm or a common ground between different objects in the same space. For example, a wall filled with different coloured and sized photo frames may still hold together a neat look. Though thriving on randomness, there is a lot of thought behind eclectic designs. It is an art to choose contrasting cushion covers and bring them together for a cosy, inviting look. You can choose to have a dining table with mismatched chairs or even an old school locker for a display shelf.

With textured bright walls, especially those painted by you, anyone walking into your home is bound to realise your creative outlook towards life.

Industrial: Dynamic and full of life

Mostly seen and admired in restaurants that have come up in the place of a once-thriving industrial estate, this design style exposes some structural elements like brick walls and ventilation pipes and creates a focus around raw and innovative mechanical finishing. One of the best places to implement this design style in your home is the kitchen, which may have modern steel-finish appliances.

Little design aspects, like a prominent door knob, industrial lighting fixtures, and metal chairs tend to project the homeowner as someone dynamic and full of life. If you cannot re-do your interiors entirely to achieve this look, try some faux finish techniques that can easily be done by a local.

Minimalist: Sophisticated and authentic

With minimalistic design, less is more. The key is to know the difference between a room that looks sophisticated v/s a room that looks plain. Go for high-quality curated pieces of wall art and furniture that are eye-catching. Defined by colours that don’t ‘shout’ their presence, this design brings out the sophisticated and authentic personality of the homeowner.

Minimalist décor is a difficult feat to achieve as it will constantly require you to de-clutter your space and maintain a balance between the old and new. But it is well worth the statement you put out.

Chabby Chic: Tender and Romantic

To add a dash of romance and style to your interiors, go for a chabby chic design that mixes the vintage and contemporary like visual poetry. Highlighted with soft colours, cosy furniture with rounded corners, floral wallpaper design and vintage decorative pieces, this look brings out the romantic, tender side of the homeowner. From aromatic candles to an inviting floor rug and cushions in front of the television to a display of select wines, little elements can project the romantic side of you.

The good part about your home is that some design elements can be fluid. You can easily go from Scandinavian to eclectic by changing a few things around without re-doing your entire home. So, once in a while, reshuffle those weary feathers to give your home a new look and your soul a fresh feel. Looking for more ideas on setting up a warm home, here is an interesting read - 7 brilliant ideas to a warm and welcoming living room

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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