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5 bright tips for lighting your house

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If you're bored at the sight of your house, then it's time to make some changes, but you don't have to make big changes in order to get impressive results. Sometimes all you need to do is change the lighting, and your whole perception of the house can change and everything will look different, fresh and new. 

Lighting helps to define the ambiance and atmosphere of the room, and also to highlight certain parts of the room, creating a more interesting visual experience. However, buying the best lighting on the market is no good if you don't how and where to place them, so here are some guidelines and tips on how to give your house a proper lighting makeover. We hope you will be inspired to try some of these ideas at home. 

1. Lighting in unexpected spaces

Lighting has an element of surprise to it, and to enhance that gorgeous effect it has, we suggest placing lighting fixtures in unexpected spaces. For example, you could use a pendant lamp as a reading lamp for the toilet or have a chandelier in the bathroom, it's up to your needs, convenience and taste. 

2. Layer your lighting

Every room in the house should have three basic layers of lighting—overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. For example, you could have a few spotlights for overhead lighting, pendant lamps and reading lamps for task lighting, and LED lights for accent lighting, which is to highlight certain focal points. 

For more ideas, have a look at 10 examples of pendant lighting.

3. Invest in a dimmer

Different moods and different activities always seem to beg for a matching lighting experience, but 3 layers of lighting cannot make up for the various fluctuations of our mood, only a dimmer can. A dimmer is a tool worth investing in and it's not even that expensive, besides if you have a dimmer, you might not need so many other lights. 

For more inspiration, here are lighting ideas for every mood.

4. Update your decorative lighting

Decorative lighting such as fixtures with gold embellishments do not belong in the modern home, so if you want to keep up with fashion, then it's time to get some new fixtures. The lighting fixtures that are trendy these days are mostly minimalist or industrial in style, retaining a simple, basic look which is fortunately quite easy to blend in with any environment. 

For more ideas, here is LED lighting—everything you need to know.

5. Direct or indirect lighting?

When it comes to lighting your house, one of the most important questions is whether the specific area requires direct or indirect lighting. The answer depends on whether you're trying to highlight something, as pictured here, where you would require direct lighting, or whether you're just trying to illuminate an area softly to add layers to the lighting. 

We hope you've found some of the ideas here useful. For more inspiration, have a look at 8 beautiful pooja room lighting ideas.

Which lighting idea did you like best? 
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