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An elegant apartment in classic style

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Apartamento G2 Lyssandro Silveira Classic style living room
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Today we're going to take a tour of an elegant apartment in classic style. The home is elegantly furnished and decorated in an old-fashioned classic style, giving it a sophisticated, mature look. You can expect to see a mix of the old with the new though as the designers have used both antique as well as contemporary furniture. The result is an overall look that is well balanced and professional looking. Lyssandro Silveira, photographers based in Brazil, have beautifully captured the essence of this apartment in perfect light. Join us on this tour to have a look at the beautiful photographs they captured. We hope you will find some inspiration for your home through the tour of this incredible home. Let's check out this elegant apartment in classic style shall we? 

Pastel green and cream living room

One sign of a professionally designed house interior is the color combinations used and the way it is used. A professional interior designer will know exactly which colour combinations to use for which effect. For example, pictured here we see a lovely colour combination of pastel green and cream being used in the living room. Notice that the pastel green is used for the curtains and some of the sofa sets to create a unified feeling, while the rest of the hall in neutral colours gives the whole place a good balance. 

Decorating dining tables

Dining tables can look awfully vacant when they're not being used. This creates an empty, cold feeling, especially if it's a big house with a few dining areas. Pictured here, we see a large, empty dining table being decorated with two potted plants. The plants and the chandelier beautify the home while adding better air and light to the space. As a general rule of thumb, remember to never leave any table completely empty. 

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can make a world of difference in a home. Flowers add cheer and good energy where it is dull and lifeless. Even the most luxuriously decorated home will look better with a bouquet of fresh flowers. One of the most common areas to place a vase of flowers is usually the dining table. Pictured here, we see a lovely pot of flowers adorning the dining table while being illuminated by the chandelier above. 

Browse through lighting designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Old school relaxing

This area of the hall is reminiscent of how people used to relax. A simple, plain room which is relatively empty except for a few antique furnishings such as the classic cupboard in view. Comfortable single seater sofas in black complete this space for old school relaxing. There's no need for a television in this setting. Part of the charm of this space is that it is quiet and is without unnecessary distractions. It would make a perfect place to read a book or to simply sit quietly, and sip on a drink. 

Furniture layout organised in neat rows

If you take a closer look at the layout of the furniture in this spacious hall, you will notice that all the furniture are neatly arranged in rows. Here, you can see four neat rows that are all perfectly aligned with either side of the room. 

You might also notice that there's generally a lot of furniture in this hall. One reason for this may be that the house is quite large, and it will look too empty if there was less furniture. The problem with large houses is that they lose their sense of coziness with all that space, but the right amount of furniture and decorations, plus the way it is arranged, can help make a large, empty space cozy again. 

Clusters of lounging

This hall is actually just one whole big lounge that has been divided into clusters of lounging, much like a hotel lobby. Although the hall has one main seating area in front of the TV and a main dining area behind it, there are variety of other seating areas and dining areas as well. The main advantage of a layout like this is that many people can use the hall for a variety of different reasons. 

We have now come to the end of our tour. We hope you have enjoyed the tour of this home as much as we have. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at a royal home full of surprise

What do you like most about this tour? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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