This luxurious bungalow in Hyderabad combines art with modernism

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Designed for Sonu Patel by Regalias India Interiors & InfrastructureInterior Designers & Decorators in Hyderabad, this home is a treat to look at. You will see shortly as we take this home tour. The simple, neat lines when it comes to planning spaces and placing furniture pieces makes the home look spacious and huge. This modern home is not over the top opulent, but luxurious enough to inspire a feeling of relaxation and comfort when one comes back after a long day at work.

Dignified dining space

The dining table is elegant and beautiful. The use of white creates a calming effect. Dinner parties in this home will be a definite hit. The white chairs are the highlight of this space. With decorative elements, such as the hanging lamps, the space looks refined and sophisticated. Cabinets to store crockery are also provided behind the dining table for easy access. We also get a peek into the leather couch on the side, which tells us that even though the furniture pieces might be plain, the overall effect is anything but that.

Comfortable bedroom

The classic bedroom is quite spacious and soothing. There is ample space to move around, despite all the other furniture. The bed is positioned on one end, with a wardrobe taking up the entire wall space on one side of the room. The white marble creates a cooling effect, which will definitely induce a relaxed sleep each night.

Trendy room décor

Room decor is not only about comfort. It is also about looking modern and trendy. The decor elements in this room have been picked carefully to accentuate the overall design, while not taking up too much space. The TV wall is beautifully decorated with simple wallpaper, with a TV unit that is made of wood and glass. There is also a small dressing area towards one side of the room, so the actual space in the room looks open and inviting.

Furniture that adds a charm

The ceiling has a charming design, with yellow concealed lighting that offers just the right amount of soft lighting. The side table, which doubles as a workstation and a display shelf, adds a nice charm to the room. The artwork is also very creative and fits right into the overall interior decor of the room.

Polished kitchen design

The modern kitchen has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern, young homeowner. This is not to say that it isn’t majestic and exquisite. The wooden cabinets, beautiful granite flooring, and modern appliances make this the perfect kitchen. There is an island in the middle, which offers additional work space or even a small, cozy dining space.

Functional and useful space

A closer peek into the kitchen shows us the trendy backslash, which is not overwhelming to look at. The wall-mounted cabinets offer extra space. The wooden cabinets are what add the essential charm to the whole kitchen, making it classy and stylish. The marble counter top in an off-white colour matches the overall colour scheme of the entire house.If you like this home tour, you are sure to like this one too.6 pictures of kitchens designed by interior designers in Bangalore

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