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Top 6 Ideas to a DIY Bed Frame

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The bedroom is one of the most personal and sacred places in the house. It is where we go to relax and sleep. For this reason, it should reflect our own tastes and desires. As the bed is one of the main pieces of furniture within the bedroom, it is important that the bed should be chosen carefully. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing a bed; the size of the room, the style of the existing décor and the storage requirements to name a few. For some people the price is one of the most important. If you are designing to a budget, this may narrow down your choices for bed frames. Although this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many types of bed frames that can be constructed simply and cheaply by the novice. These often use materials that are very cheap or even free. homify has found 6 great DIY beds that you can make yourself.

Hanging Bed

A hanging bed is one of the most interesting of the DIY beds. Hanging beds provide not only a point of interest in a bedroom, but create a wonderful sense of space. One important thing required to have your own DIY bed is an anchor point from which to hang it. For this you will need access to the ceiling joists. Open ceiling rafters are ideal for hanging beds. Once you have constructed the bed frame, it is a matter of drilling holes into the frame in each corner and attaching eye bolts. Attach braces to the ceiling joists, and drill a vertical hole for the eye bolts. It is now time to hang the bed. Attach a chain from each of the four eye bolts in the ceiling brace. Attach the other ends to the eye bolts in the bed frame. You now have your very own DIY hanging bed. This hanging bed was made by Hanging Beds from Poland. 

Drawers Underneath

The size of bedrooms are becoming smaller and smaller. This means there is not only less room for our beds, but also less space for our belongings. In recent years designers have been coming up with better and more inventive ways of finding storage spaces in our bedrooms. One of the most popular places to find extra storage is under the bed. One of the most effective ways to use this space is with under bed storage drawers. It is simple to make a bed with storage drawers. These beds can be made using a simple frame design, and construct drawers to suit. They can also be made using already existing drawers. These may be drawers recycled from a discarded piece of furniture. Be sure that the frame is strong enough to support the weight of the mattress and people using it.

Pipe Bed

industrial  by homify, Industrial

Galvanised Steel Pipe and Industrial Scaffolding Fittings Kingsize Bed—Bespoke Urban Furniture by


One of the biggest trends in industrial design is the pipe bed. A pipe bed base is constructed of industrial, metal pipes and pipe fittings. It creates a wonderfully simple, clean and very modern look to any bedroom. The first thing to consider when constructing a pipe bed is the size of the mattress. It is important that the bed is the correct size for the mattress. With this information, make a quick sketch of your dream bed to establish what materials you will need. It is then time to gather the materials. Pipes are available at most hardware stores. Choose from steel or aluminium fittings. With all the fittings, it is time to lay them out on the floor for assembly. For larger beds, an extra support may be required down the middle of the bed.   This bed was made by Inspirit from the United Kingdom.

Pallet Frame

One of the simplest bed frames to construct yourself is the pallet bed. Pallets have been used for decades for the delivery of products to places such as supermarkets and retail outlets. It has only been in recent times that people have begun to recognize the potential in these simple items as design materials. The pallet is a relatively strong item, being designed to hold a considerable weight. This makes it an ideal material for use as a bed base. To construct a pallet bed, simply find the right number of pallets to suit the size and height of your bed. It is then a matter of finding the right materials to fix them together. These can be purchased from any hardware store. It is then a matter of painting the bed your favourite colour.

Recycled Timber Bed

Like a pallet bed, a recycled timber bed uses discarded timber in the construction of an attractive bed. The most important thing to remember when making your very own DIY bed base is that the bed will fit the size of the mattress. To ensure that it will fit, first start by creating a sketch of the mattress and the bed. This can now be used as a template for the bed. The bed can be constructed from any materials that are cheap, strong and available. Timber is something that can often be found for free. Look out for old pieces of furniture such as wardrobes, desks or tables. They may have some useable timber. To maintain the industrial, raw look try to use the timber in its original colour. This bed is a great example. It has been constructed from recycled timber. Its original colours add to the industrial atmosphere of the room.

Simple Wooden Frame

One of the most basic DIY beds you can make is the wooden frame bed. It is also one of the most attractive, with its stunning simplicity. The secret to making the best wooden bed frame is choosing the best timber. Recycled timber is often the most economical way of making a bed frame, it can also be the most attractive. Recycled timber can have wonderful patterns on their surface, reflecting their previous uses. Be sure to make sketches of your bed prior to construction to ensure you have the correct size. This simple recycled timber frame is a wonderful example. The stunning recycled timber tells a story of a life before this bed. It would be a great addition to a minimalist or industrial bedroom. 

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in the home. It is important that it is a place that you feel comfortable and relaxed. A bed that reflects your own style can create such an atmosphere. This can be difficult to achieve on a budget. There are solutions however. Many stylish beds can be made simply by a novice builder. The pipe bed, pallet bed or the hanging bed are just a few examples. These are great ways to make your bedroom a space to call your own. For more inspiration see DIY Interior Decorating Tips.

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