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13 walls of stone for your home

Natasha Kurien Natasha Kurien
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Walls are a great place to start if you're looking for a change in your home. This fact is not restricted to just the exteriors of your home, but can we well extended to the interiors as well. Let's leave no stone unturned with these 13 walls of stone. 

1. Welcome aboard

Welcome people into your home with this lovely entrance wall. It's unique texture adds a certain flair to the entire area. A pool of pebbles at the foot complete this unique entrance wall. 

2. A marble wall

So, we've heard of marble floors, but marble walls? That's a first, but definitely not a last by the looks of it. Marble comes in layered colors that get better with each polish. 

3. Stone wall

A wall of stone can be used as a divider, or a separator or simply as a fireplace if you so wish. A unique ensemble is at your disposition which comes with the warmth that no other wall can offer! 

4. A quarry

A regular stone wall is of a single texture, however, one such as this has multiple textures that bring a rustic vibe to the room. In order to accentuate the same, you can look to decor that is in sync with the texture of the wall. 

5. Walls that sync with your decor

The motive behind the usage of walls to separate spaces lies in the ability to avoid disrupting the overall theme of the rooms. Make sure that the walls you pick out are in sync with the rest of your home. 

6. Contrasting hues

With small spaces, the focus tends to shift more on the walls and structures upholding the structure of a room or home. Opt for walls that contrast the color of your walls for a better impact. 

7. A coating of marble

Marble floors go hand in hand with marble walls for a look that is complete in every aspect. For an ambiance of opulence this is just the look for you to befriend.   

8. The freshness of the rock

Natural rock has a certain charm like none other. It's great to incorporate with any color, in particular white though. Pick out one that you think fits in well with the rest of your home the best. 

Separate spaces in your home with the help of this ideabook. 

9. Rustic Elegance

For those of you who are still into rustic vibes, then here's the perfect model for you to mimic. It blends in elements very well to give birth to a single piece that is simply beautiful. 

10. Stone

It is not necessary that you dedicate an entire wall to stone as we say in the previous cases. You can simply pick out a pillar and decorate it in a way you deem fir. You could also embed a TV within the pillar as is seen in this image.

11. Curves are in

A curved wall can also make a significant difference in your home as does the one in the image. You could go for a slightly historic vibe with a textured stone wall. 

Brick walls are here for the taking!

12. Light it up

Lights make all the difference in the world if you choose to integrate them well with the rest of your home. An embedded wall within a wall is a stunning idea with lights strategically place to bring out their best. 

13. The green way

You could also add natural elements such as plants to your walls for added glamour. 

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