10 pergolas that will make the entrance of your house look spectacular

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The entrance of your house doesn’t always have to be fully enclosed with a roof. You can also opt for a pergola in either an open or a closed design, or with some light and transparent material, to protect and decorate the main entrance. They are the perfect feature for the entrance of your house, either to cover a garden without blocking the natural light that is essential for the healthy growth of your plants, or to create a beautiful highlight that accentuates the entrance.

Today, we present 10 home entrances with pergolas. You can save the ones you like to an ideabook, so that you can easily refer to them when it’s time to design your entrance.

1. A pergola in rustic wood that defines the entrance

This wooden structure with columns and beams creates an additional feature that accentuates the entrance of the house. Without the pergola, the entrance would not look as well-defined as it is now. The texture and warmth from the wood give the entrance an interesting rustic look. The open structure is impressive on its own. Additionally, the shadows cast on the ground by each beam bring drama to the design.

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2. Small, and framing the entrance door

This façade uses natural materials, including stone and wood, which are supported by an iron structure. As you can see, the wooden pergola rests on the strong iron structure that is the main beam providing support to the top floor plate of the façade. In this design, the wooden pergola acts as a cover over the space at the entrance. It’s more decorative than functional as it provides minimal shade and protection.

3. Not all pergolas have to be straight

When a house has a unique design, which does not follow straight lines, the pergola at the entrance should match the overall style. With a light support structure and a design appropriate to the facade of the house, this pergola is an example of what you can do to the façade without straight lines or very elaborate surfaces. The lightness and simplicity are combined with organic shapes, in this design.

4. An almost closed pergola

This entrance looks like it is completely in the shade, due to the design of the pergola that covers it. In this design, the pergola is very light and floats on a support on the wall of the entrance enclosure. You have coverage along with partial transparency, allowing the entrance to be protected from excess of sun or rain, without completely blocking the entry of light through the small gaps in the elements that compose it.

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5. With a very modern design in metal

As you can see, the design of a pergola does not necessarily have to be straight or linear. It can be like the one in this façade that has a combination of sheets of different dimensions, which form a very nice cover. The material used is metal, with a similar look and finish, as the perimeter fence of the house. It rests on the stone wall on one side and a metal column on the other.

6. A pergola incorporated in a concrete roof

This modern house has a simple design, but the details in the entrance include a pergola built into the concrete cover over the area. Wood is an important part of this design as it can be seen on the closed door as well as in the latticework, which imitates a pergola, on the concrete roof.

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7. All wooden entrance and pergola

This pergola floats over the entrance, without any external supports other than the wall of the entrance area. The iron structure shelters a wooden pergola, made of material similar to the one used in the door and panel of the main entrance of the house. It’s an excellent design that combines well with the natural stone on the walls, creating high and low features that bring an interesting look to the facade.

8. A pergola that accentuates the entrance of the house

This house has a large entrance with a straight path that is flanked by greenery on both sides. The area on the left is covered by a pergola that allows the plants to enjoy filtered sunlight so that they can grow and be healthy. It’s a well-designed solution that magnifies the entrance of the house, highlighting the varied types of covers and the pleasant backdrop of the ornamental plants on either side.

9. With large beams

This is an entrance with large beams that define an almost completely closed pergola over the stepped entrance with bright floors and huge dimensions. You can achieve this look with wooden beams, iron or concrete. It is a magnificent way to highlight an entrance with a prominent structure by effectively accentuating the space designated for the entrance.

10. A pergola that covers the whole entrance

Elegant, light and in an attractive shade of blue, this light pergola serves as a cover for the entrance of the house, covering not only the path with a shiny floor, but also the lateral space composed of concrete tiles, pebbles and ornamental plants. This pergola design covers the entire space in the entrance and is supported by the perimeter wall on one side and the wall of the house on the other. It’s a design that doesn’t disturb the rest of the elements in the entrance, and it is open and light.

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Which of these designs is your favourite? Answer in the comments.

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