10 vital Vastu tips for your living room

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In any house, the living room is the main area for socializing. Therefore, it not only needs to look attractive, but also should have a pleasant ambiance filled with positive energy. While beautiful and modern living rooms can be designed with the help of a professional interior designer, enhancing the positivity in the environment using the ancient Indian system, Vastu Shastra, can go a long way towards making the space more enjoyable both for your family as well as visitors.

While you can consult a Vastu professional for eliminating negativity and bringing positive energy to your living room, we at homify, have put together this ideabook with some easy-to-implement tips that you can undertake on your own to bring happiness, health and success to your home.

1. The right location

Vastu prescribes the ideal location of every room within a house to balance the five elements – air, water, fire, earth and sky. The most beneficial place for the living room is in the North. However, in modern houses and apartments, this is not always possible. The east and southwest are suitable too. While the northeast is also a good direction for the living room, this space is usually reserved for divinity and is best used as a meditation area or a pooja room.

2. The placement of the door

Installing the living room door in the east or the north is recommended as this is auspicious and will attract wealth, health and success into the home. Placing the door in the west is considered good for academicians and researchers.

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3. The placement of the furniture

Living Room homify Modern living room

Living Room


Heavy furniture such as sofas, cabinets and tables should be arranged in the west or the south of the living room. If, for some reason, this is impossible, then place them in the north or north-east, but on a raised platform that is at least 1-3 inches from the ground.

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4. The position of the head of the family

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Pastel colour Concept seating area


As per Vastu, in the living room, the head of the family should sit facing the east or north so that he retains importance and is not dominated by the guests. The chair in which the head of the family sits should not have its back towards the living room door.

5. The television

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TV unit with display


The best place for the television in a living room is in the southeast. Avoid placing it in the northeast as this is the area that is associated with god. If it is placed in the northwest, the family will spend too must time watching it instead of bonding with each other. Similarly, if the TV is in the southwest, it is likely to break down very often.

6. Decorate with the right elements

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Space It Up

Living Room

Space It Up

The northeast wall or corner of the living room is the ideal place for paintings or sculptures of god. Eliminate any source of negativity in the living room. Especially avoid paintings or pictures of war, poverty, grief or any other scenario that depicts negative energy. Similarly, avoid using dried or artificial flowers and cactus in the living room.

7. The colours

The living room should have a soothing ambiance, so use pleasant colours such as white, light yellow, blue or green for the living room walls. Avoid dark and overpowering colours such as black or red.

8. Keep the best shapes

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Smart Home Automation


Living room furniture should be square or rectangular and have straight lines. Avoid circular or oval-shaped furniture.

9. Illumination

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Farmhouse in Kundli—Lighting

Jainsons Emporio

The living room should be brightly lit to have a positive ambiance. However, use warm yellow lights rather than harsh white ones that are too bright. If you are installing a chandelier, hang it in the south or the west of the room, never in the centre.

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10. An aquarium

In Vastu, an aquarium is a powerful tool that helps to remove negativity from the home. However, it should be kept in the right place as it could otherwise drain away the positive energy inside. In a living room, the east, north or northeast are the preferred directions for placing an aquarium. Avoid placing an aquarium in the south as this will draw away the positive energy from the home.

Which of these tips are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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