21 small gardens you can create easily at home

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Remodelación [RM-09], [GM+] Arquitectos [GM+] Arquitectos Rustic style garden Bricks Multicolored
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If you have a small piece of idle land right outside your house or near your garage or maybe in your courtyard, then it is a great idea to transform it into a garden! Just a little bit of creativity is all that you need if you want to add some lively greens or colourful flowers to even a tiny plot. This garden can be ideal for lazing around with a book or a cup of tea in no time. So, check out these inspiring small garden ideas before you start on your own project.

1. Charming pathway

Clay bricks have been positioned artistically to create a charming pathway in this garden, while vibrant blossoms and a couple of earthen jugs add personality to the space.

2. Corner elegance

DISEÑO DE JARDÍN VELAZQUEZ, Arqca Arqca Minimalist style garden

In this garden, note how wooden rectangular boxes have been placed on a bed of gravel and lined with lush and easy-to-maintain greens for a lively yet minimal look. Credit goes to the architects at Arqca.

3. A slice of paradise

paisajismo . muros verdes jardines. , 3HOUS 3HOUS Modern garden Green

This eclectic style garden combines plants of different textures, sizes and colours with white river stones for a creative look and it can be admired from the living room window.

4. Beautifying the fence

A stylish vertical garden like this one here can not only add pizzazz to your fence, but also conceal ACs, water heaters and other installations.

5. Gorgeous way to your home

Make the access to your home beautiful with a symmetrical garden like this, with its verdant palms, pretty bushes and colourful flowers.

6. A garden for the busy

If you want something low maintenance, this pretty garden with a gravel bed and dry-season shrubs can do the trick.

7. Garage garden

This neat border of white pebbles, pretty lilies and red flowers add tons of life to the garage.

8. Beautifully planned space

Neat concrete planks on the grass bed, some pebbles, and earthen planters with lilies against a brick wall make this garden exclusive.

9. Rustic and warm

This rustic garden is a mix of recycled wooden fencing, an iron structure and small shrubs, flowers, and sweet-smelling herbs.

10. Green wall as background

The light green wall in this garden heightens the liveliness of the vegetation, though pink, brown and yellow leaves offer ample contrast.

11. Vibrant herb garden

You can grow parsley, basil, mint, and coriander in stylish planters to create a lovely herb garden.

12. Flowers and more flowers

Plant flowers of the same type but different colours in an arrangement like this to make your garden lively and beautiful.

13. Relaxing spot

Rose bushes, lavender, rosewood and laurel are plants that need little care or shade but can be grown in planters on gravel land to create a resting spot.

14. Colour burst

Grow flowers of different shades like yellow, red, pink, peach, purple and white to make your garden or yard vibrant and dynamic.

15. Unique and rustic

Combine stone elements with recycled wood and concrete vases to create a rustic and unusual terrace and deck with dwarf palms or ferns.

16. Neat divisions

Try using customised wooden divisions or long planters with shrubs or lilies in them to demarcate different spaces in your yard.

17. Stunning garden porch design

A mosaic perimeter garden with lush and big-leafed bushes, a stylish bamboo frame flanked by wall vases in wood, and dense ferns hanging against a wall made of bamboo make this spot stunning! 

18. Mysterious and seductive

Gentle lighting, a used wooden door on the wall acting as support for pots, a couple of tall yellow planters and spherical white orbs for lamps make this space very attractive. The vintage style bench and the wooden steps on the ground add to the appeal.

19. Green all around!

Pretty flower pots up against the wall, some on the floor and a few on the desk at the far end make this garden a very complete one.

20. Cosy indoor garden

With rectangular planters making a division between the floor and the windows and large pots in the corners, this indoor garden looks cosy and refreshing.

21. Play around with succulents

Succulents not only look beautiful, but feel velvety and are easy to maintain too. Pair them with pink or yellow flowers for an exciting look.    

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