7 beautiful and comfortable living rooms for Indian homes

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Call it a living room, sitting room, drawing room or lounge; whatever you refer it to be there is no doubt that this room is the heart of the home. The main purpose of this room is to be a comfortable space for the family to relax and rejuvenate together after a long day. Today we have come up with beautiful living room ideas that will help you create a comfortable space for your family. Whether you are looking for some inspiration to completely refurbish your living room or just want to give it a touch-up, these designs will surely captivate you. Have a look!

​1. Statement on the wall

The natural texture of the wall plays up with the predominantly off white environment around it. The pop of colours on the cushion cover and the large painting on the wall makes the space come alive. The dramatic effect of light and shadow playing on the walls, an attractive lamp hanging from above, soft rug covering a potion of the wooden floor and the spot light on the stones; it is enticing and enchanting.

2. Flowing with the breeze

Roomy room is further extended through the glass doors. Just open it to bring in the freshness of garden and gentle air right into your living room. The natural texture of wood on the floor and stones on a wall complements the neutral tones of the furniture. The furniture are arranged to make the room look and feel spacious with lots of free space for the breeze to flow gently.

​3. Gossiping couch

Niches on the wall, thrifty but classy adornment, two long sofas facing each other and a modern personality deliberately added by the pop of green against the hue of grey; everyone will look forward for the fun filled family time full of laughter and gossips.

​4. Ashy tiles on the floor

The section of furniture covering a corner and the comfortable couch on the opposite corner; but the ashy shade on the floor steals the show. The large wall is kept free of any embellishments except the two wall lamps to brighten up the dark shade of the wall.

​5. Dynamic blues

For a family obsessed with blue, this is a cool and comfortable way to show their obsession. The soothing white in combination with blue is creating a serene environment for the family who loves to cook, eat and relax together.

​6. Picture perfect

Same size framed pictures covering a wall is perfectly accentuated by an over-sized lamp. Large French window connects the simple living room with the outside world. The furniture is diverse but they are weaved together in a beautiful story. The beauty of this space is in its harmony in the diversity. It’s a picture perfect room.

7. Rustic calling

The antique wooden beams on the ceiling are in creative contrast with the modern furniture on the floor. Even the beautiful chandelier is an amazing blend of both the worlds and is enhancing the rustic charm of the space.

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Which of these will become your living room? We are waiting to hear from you.

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