12 facades to inspire you to build your home

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Primera Casa Pasiva de uso habitacional en Latinoamérica, Windlock - soluciones sustentables Windlock - soluciones sustentables Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
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Simplicity is the dominant concept that is perfectly embodied in these twelve facades of houses designed by architects enlisted in homify's directory, who not only have printed their unique style in these projects, but have also given solutions to the special needs of each client with the creativity that characterizes these experts.  

We invite you to admire these beautiful facades of small houses,which  despite their size, do not lack beauty and originality in their design. In addition, we are sure that more than one will inspire you to design the house of your dreams… or if you already have it, then to remodel it. Get inspired!

1. Mexican-contemporary style

Santiago Pardo Architects were the creators of this small house, that has a Mexican-contemporary architectural style, which plays with the position of the walls in its main facade, with elements that give it that unique feature of the Mexican style. A game of textures and colors enhance the beauty of this fantastic house.

2. Discreet and private

Punto a Punto Arquitectura  are the creators of Casa Bilbao, a small residence which focuses on life inside it, showing a beautiful facade on the outside, but with almost no communication from the inside towards the environment that surrounds it. The accent created with the wooden door stands out in this beautiful composition of this small but beautiful house.

3. Minimalist

minimalist house with modern character, which is composed of 3 main bodies, 1 prism on the bottom and two cubes on the top floor, and are arranged in such a way that create living spaces, with a garage for two cars in the front of the house. A design made by  CCA Arquitectos .

4. Mix of textures

In the state of Morelos in Mexico, we find this house composed of a set of volumes that not only managed to house the entire projected architectural program, but also its design allowed the creation of some balconies and terraces within it, which substantially increases the quality of life and the feeling of well-being of its residents. A design with a lot of creativity on the part of  810 Architects. 

5. Modern and simple lines

A simple design with aesthetic details could find an optimal distribution in 130 m2 of which to locate a garage, living room, kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms and a bathroom in a medium to small house of good taste, combined with a facade of a more discreet style.

6. Optimal and stylish facade for a narrow terrain

This house, despite being in a narrow terrain, uses every available square meter to the maximum on a base of 70 m2!  This modern 2-story house was designed and built with a design of clean lines, but with contemporary character, with a beautiful balcony just in front of the house, which gives a greater sense of spaciousness to the whole house. 

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7. Clear design and with a lot of presence

Region 4 Architecture  designed this beautiful minimalist house with a very simple character, clean lines, right angles and an elegant simplicity that lies in the practicality of its design, as well as in the good use of the architectural design foundations, achieving a project of great presence and originality.

8. With traditional touches

This house was conceived under the concept of making the most of the views of the environment, despite having few square meters available on its land. Architecture MAS knew how to extract maximum juice from the area of the property, creating a very original house, with traditional touches, such as a pair of sloping roofs, covered with tiles, which give it that modern-traditional character that distinguishes it.

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9. Apparent concrete and traditional elements as protagonists

Constructora ARQOCE  brings us a house that combines in its design minimalist, contemporary and traditional touches, in an amalgam that results in a very attractive aesthetic, and adapts very well to the size and proportion of the residence. The simplicity in its façade gives it a unique visual appeal, which is accentuated by the use of apparent concrete and tiles in its roof.

10. Superimposed cubes

Casa Alborada has a totally minimalist design, with a blind facade, which protects the privacy of its inhabitants, taking all the life of the residence into its interior. A residence with a very simple design, based on some overlapping cubes that really distinguishes it from any other house that is in the neighborhood. A very original design by  La Maquiladora / Taller de Ideas.

11. A renovated facade

Our next stop is Casa FS55 , a residence rescued in the center of the city, which with its small size stands out in the neighborhood where it is located, thanks to the intervention to which it was subjected, rescuing part of the colonial heritage of the Mexican capital, since the experts of Taller Style Architecture  were devoted to rehabilitate and rebuild the house, instead of integrating new elements within its design.

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12. A facade open to the terrace

In Mexico City, we find the first passive house in the country, which has technology that helps to use energy in a very effective way. Made under the German rules of the Passivhaus, this house is unique and we're hoping that this type of construction methods expand throughout the world and in India too. 

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Which house inspired you the most? 

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