8 multi-functional creative furniture for comfortable living

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Multi-functional furniture has established itself as the demand of time. It maybe because of the shrinking size and space or because of the creativity multi-functional furniture shows. What we like about multi-functional furniture is that apart from its utility and functionality; it beautifies the space and challenges you to think differently.  It allows the creative mind to come out of the closet and design their dreams. The outcome is so artistic and stunning that it becomes the style statement of your home. Have a look at these 8 beautifully designed multi-functional furniture and get inspired!

​1. Beauty comes in boxes

Farmhouse Ivory 9 Drawer Chest The Cotswold Company Living roomStorage
The Cotswold Company

Farmhouse Ivory 9 Drawer Chest

The Cotswold Company

Now this is creativity at its best! Instead of having an ordinary cabinet with shelves and doors, think differently and fill in the empty boxes with cane baskets. Keep this cabinet in the living room, study, bedroom, dining room, or any where you wish, it will perfectly fit into the place and become a centre-piece.

​2. Epitome of functionality

JR Greenwich Villas, Sarjapur Road - Ms. Natasha, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Eclectic style study/office

JR Greenwich Villas, Sarjapur Road—Ms. Natasha


Every piece of furniture in this room is there for a reason and performing a role designated to it. The long and short cabinets framing the window also creates a comfortable recliner near the window, a cupboard stretches to make space for bar table, the centre table with shelves beneath it and a sofa that unfolds to become a bed. A little bit of brainstorming and with multi-functional furniture, a small space can be transformed into a complete package. Try it!

​3. The room of the child

Keeping the room of kids organized is no child’s play. We all want it to look inviting and bubbly with life and energy, after all it is the room of our precious ones. Take a clue from here and design the furniture that can hold their world in it and still make the room look stunning and help in keeping it organized. The lower part of the bunk bed has been used for shelves, cupboards and drawers. It’s amazingly beautiful!

​4. Wings of imagination

Sofa in day and bed in night complete with side table in day and nightstand when you need one in the night and if you don’t need then just put it down and it will cover the sides. This wooden sofa cum bed surely will be an asset in your home.

5. Moving with the space

West London house, Viewport Studio Viewport Studio Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Viewport Studio

West London house

Viewport Studio

Is it a fully functional cabinet below the stairs or stairs above the cabinet? Below the stairs space which usually goes waste has been so beautifully used that it creates an illusion that the cabinets have been designed to form the stairs to join the two floors of the house. Whatever it is the result is a functional piece of furniture that looks stunning.

​6. Organized working table

Organized working table… well this is not a metaphor. It is the simplest design one can have for the working table. But the intelligent design of this table with small section defining the space for each item has made it fully functional and ready to keep the work table organized.

​7. Hidden treasure

If the space needs to be divided to create a room within a room, then do it in style and with purpose hidden behind. Instead of having a wall, design a cupboard to partition the room. Take some idea from here, partition the nursery using the sliding door and hide your precious treasure, the book shelve behind it. Your book will be safe from the toddler of the home when he/she is around. Close the door when it is nap time and enjoy your ‘me’ time.

​8. Kitchen in a closet

Nothing is impossible, yes even having a fully functional and organized kitchen in a closet. Close the doors and it is a beautiful cupboard in the room. Open it and it transforms into a working kitchen with all the facilities within your reach.

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Which of these designs would be perfect for your home? Reply in the comments below.

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