8 amazing storage ideas for your kitchen

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A lot more time is spent in kitchens than one imagines. Whether it’s for making a cup of tea or sitting down to chat with other family members while watching them cook, kitchens have become a social space in modern homes, more so in those with an open-plan design. Therefore, it needs to be designed to be functional and beautiful. Storage plays a vital role in keeping the kitchen looking clutter-free and attractive, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think outside the box when you are designing the doors of cupboards and shelves.

Today, we present 8 incredible door designs for kitchen cabinets and drawers that you can copy to make your kitchen more efficient and aesthetic.

1. Pull-out drawer for the corner

3 BHK partement : classic Kitchen by In Built Concepts
In Built Concepts

3 BHK partement

In Built Concepts

Corner storage is usually a challenge in kitchens, but you can get around this by designing a pull-out drawer that allows you to access even the innermost area.

2. Folding door in the corner

Interior Designs: modern Kitchen by Interiorwalaa

Interior Designs


Another option for the corner is a space-saving swivel door. Installing a carousel storage system behind the door makes its more efficient as one can turn the unit to access things stored deep inside the unit.

3. Customized drawers

There’s nothing to stop you from customizing kitchen drawers according to your needs. For example, like you can see in this image, storing fruits and vegetables in a drawer made of wicker is a smarter option as it allows the air to circulate within the unit to keep the vegetables from rotting quickly.

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4. Roll-out drawers

For a small kitchen, where there is not much space to open the cabinet doors outwards, roll-out drawers are the best option. Depending upon the height of the drawers, shelves can be used to partition the space. This kind of system also makes it easy to access things on the shelf without having to move items that are stored in the front.

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5. Flip-up doors

There’s nothing more unpleasant that banging your head on the corner of an open cabinet door. Flip-up doors eliminate this problem as they swing upwards to allow access to the shelves. Once they are opened, the doors are high up, so you won’t run the risk of your head bumping against them.

6. Glass-front doors

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence: minimalistic Kitchen by M B M architects
M B M architects

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence

M B M architects

Besides adding a lovely modern look to the kitchen, cabinet and glass doors make it easy to see what is stored inside – a great help for the home cook who needs something in a hurry. Of course, using glass on the door means that you need to keep the shelves looking neat and organized always.

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7. Pocket doors

Why waste the space at the back of a cabinet door when it can be used for storage?! Pocket doors achieve just that. The pockets or slots in the inner face of the door help to store smaller items that can be accessed easily.

8. Shutters

Cooking Space Revamped: minimalistic Kitchen by Drawing Hands Studio
Drawing Hands Studio

Cooking Space Revamped

Drawing Hands Studio

Rolling shutters, like the ones seen in garages, can also be used in kitchens. They are perfect for tucking away a work area or shelves stacked with appliances. Rolling it down helps to hide the clutter and keeps the kitchen looking beautiful and well-organized.

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Which of these styles will you copy? Let us know in the comments.
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