7 inspirational modern bathroom ideas

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What does a modern bathroom look like in the year 2018? 

If you're looking for modern ideas for your bathroom, you will delight in this book of ideas, in which we gather a series of inspirational bathroom designs full of good taste.  You can decorate a modern bathroom in so many different ways, such as with colors, furniture, sanitary ware, and decorations. Also make sure that the modern style can be adapted to your taste and personality, as this will make your home more personalized and unique. Take a look at the following suggestions and be inspired to give your bathroom a new look. Take advantage of this new year to give a new life to this important area of your home.

A large shower to relax in comfort

Nowadays, this kind of Italian shower is used more and more at ground level. They are quite stylish and practical too. Here the professional design team chose to coat the shower floor with wooden decks, which creates an interesting contrast to the grey wall tiles. 

Another interesting detail is that niche in the shower that allows one to arrange the products and accessories of the bath in a rotating way. The bathroom also has a sink with a very unusual and modern design. At homify, you can find pieces with a lot of style, to give an incredible touch to your bathroom.

A simple design

In a simple bathroom, a minimalist design can be enough to create an impact. That is the case with the unique bathroom mirror pictured here, with several protrusions which creates an incredible effect on the space, in addition to reflecting all the natural light that penetrates this bathroom. The vintage style bathtub is also a current trend in modern bathrooms.

Bath + shower = endless happiness

If you have ample space, why not join a bath and shower in the same environment?! Thus there is no existential doubt about the choice of one thing or another. 

A soaking bathtub when you have the time. And the shower serves for almost every day, in the day to day run.  If you want to discover more ideas of bathrooms, where they include bath and shower together in one room, check this article out: 10 fabulous shower and bath combo.

Create modernity in a more rustic space

Even though this bathroom is more rustic looking, you can combine modern pieces, details and decorations, just as in this example. As you can see, the results are quite impressive and worthy of a dream. 

They let the wooden beams speak in this environment, just furnishing the bathroom with the essentials. An oval bathtub and a wooden sink stand, as well as a mirror, with hidden storage, for a delicate and discreet effect. Have a look at our article entitled bathroom storage ideas for more ideas. 

Smart ideas for separating areas in the bathroom

We love this ingenious idea of separating the bath and toilet area. The design team created a small wall covered with patchwork tiles of brown and beige tones. They also combined the various colors and types of finishes very well, denoting personality and daring taste, and with taste everything is possible. 

If you would like a result similar to this, do not hesitate to contact a professional in the area. For more ideas, have a look at 10 great combinations of bathroom tiles.

Subway tiles

Subway tiles are very trendy, both in kitchens and bathrooms. They give a clean, simple and beautiful look to spaces, besides being an affordable material. As you see there are only advantages, so do not hesitate to coat your bathroom with this tile if you want to change the old ones. 

Olive green for a cool and calm environment

This olive green bathroom has stolen our heart, not only for being a trend color of 2018, but also for bringing us some wonderful Mediterranean flavors. 

The various wicker baskets and the wooden touch of the flooring makes everything so perfect and elegant.  As you can see, a modern bathroom can have so many facets. Just choose the one that suits you the most! For more inspiration, have a look at few tips for a modern bathroom.

Which modern bathroom style do you like best? 

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