20 pictures of bedrooms with a surface area of less than 6 square meters

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There are many rooms in a house and all of them have their own charm and importance. But among them, the bedroom needs special mention. This is probably the most intimate and private room in the house, where one can relax and unwind as per one’s own wish. However, if the bedroom is small in size, creating a good looking bedroom might seem to be a difficult task for you. In such a case, one has to pay attention to details minutely. A lot of dedication and care has to go into deciding as what kind of design will be the most appropriate for the room.

In this article, we will discuss regarding small bedrooms. It is needless to say that the ideas which are presented here are highly captivating keeping into consideration the very small space which is available. Try these décor areas in the small space and see how they make a small bedroom look great:

1. A bedroom done with extreme care

Dedication and effort are two important things that are needed for creating an attractive design for a small bedroom. The main aim is to create a space, which is not only relaxing but also highly inspiring! There is no need to choose many elements. But what is important is the right choice of elements and using them correctly in the bedroom décor.

2. Looking for attractive storage solutions in the bedroom

When there is a shortage of space in a room, organisation plays a pivotal role in the same. When order is maintained in the room, it can lead to more space in the small room. Have proper storage solutions in the room as this helps in increasing the space in the room. One of the best examples in this regard is having a small closet at the foot of the bed. Various kinds of things can be kept in this small closet and lots of space can be saved as well.

3. Concentrate on the wall by placing pictures and photographs

Take a look at this bedroom décor and its simplicity will impress you for sure. Your small bedroom can be given ample depth with various pictures and photographs. Select pictures of your family, trips and memories, etc. and frame them. Hang them on the wall in interesting patterns. This décor might be simple, but adds special effects to the bedroom.

4. The open concept can be interesting

The open concept is very a very interesting thing and this is mainly possible with the integration of spaces. When you have a small space in the bedroom, open concept works exceptionally well. In this kind of setup, the physical barriers are eliminated so that the space limitation can be minimised. Greater amplitude can be created in the small bedroom with this setup.

5. Utilising the space on high

For creating a unique sign of identity in the small bedroom, utilise all the free space, no matter how high it seems to be. Check out the image to understand what is being said. Items that are merely decorative or which are used least can be put up high there.

6. The single raised bed

Check out this sixth bedroom in the image and you will be stunned for sure. You will have abundant space for storage in this setup. Under the bed, there is abundant space for fitting furniture. The amount of thing you can store underneath will depend on the elevation that you can make.

7. The option of two beds

In case the bedroom needs to be shared, this idea of sea beds is ideal. The horizontal space of the bedroom can be utilised in the best manner in this kind of setting is established.

8. The size of the elements in the bedroom should be reduced

In case the area of the bedroom is small, it is recommended to choose furniture accordingly as per the dimensions of the room. With the right size of furniture, no unnecessary burden is created in the room. With size of elements reduced in the room, free space is obtained and this enhances mobility in the room.

9. Discard elements which limit space in the room

For bedroom design, lighting is an extremely important factor. However, when the room is small, ingenuity must be used for creating functional as well as attractive designs. It is recommended to replace table lamps with lighting systems that can be embedded in the walls. This will help you not to sacrifice a centimetre of space for lighting.

10. Every small centimetre is crucial and is important

In a small bedroom setting, every centimetre is crucial and important. In fact valuable storage solutions can be sought from every inch in the room. You will need proper eyes and creativity to locate the space and use it judiciously.

11. Beautification with practicality

It is true that distribution of furniture plays paramount importance in a bedroom. Along with this, having functional and practical decoration provides special charm and appeal to the small bedroom.

12. Walls with attached modular furniture

13. The abundant use of white color in the bedroom

 The abundant use of white colour in the bedroom There is no doubt about the fact that white colour helps in giving an illusion of spaciousness in any room. White is generally synonymous with bright spaces. Visual amplitude can be created with the use of abundant white colour in the bedroom. Check the image for better understanding.

14. Creativity against limitation in space

For small bedroom spaces, organisation is an important factor. And there is no complexity in the same. There is no need of installing large cabinets in the bedroom. Instead, try putting up a coquettish coat rack in the room. This piece of furniture is not only stylish in looks and appearance, but helps in maintaining order in the room without taking up much space.

15. Various levels in the bedroom

When it comes to optimising spaces in the bedroom, one should not limit oneself to vertical or horizontal planes. Try combining both the options so that the best solutions can be obtained and maximum space is utilised in the small bedroom.

16. Using cold colors in the bedroom

Along with white, there are other cold colours which impart a sense of spaciousness in a small room. Moreover, cold colours help in offering an ambience of calmness and serenity, which is important for any bedroom.

17. Pay attention to the ceilings

In small rooms, the height of the ceiling and the height of the bed need special attention. It is recommended to settle for low beds in a small sized bedroom, particularly when the ceilings of the room are low. The squeezing feeling will never be felt with this kind of setup.

18. Less is always more for small bedrooms

Small bedrooms can be made truly charming if accurate management can be done of the various available sources. And for such bedrooms, the concept of less is more stands absolutely true. Check the image and you will see how with minimal arrangements, the bedroom looks so grand. Regardless of the dimensions, the bedroom looks pretty spacious.

19. Appeal for deception

A focal point in the bedroom can help in distracting attention from the dimensions of the room. The result from this setup is phenomenal, though it sounds quite simple.

20. When space is not an issue

There are times when one limits the dimensions of the bedroom by oneself without knowing. Investing in bad furniture, choosing the wrong kinds of décor etc. can lead to the bedroom looking small and crammed. Try using the space judiciously so that you can make the maximum from the small space.

Which of these ideas inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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