6 Plants that make a stunning bedroom

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Keeping plants in the bedroom helps one in many ways. Some plants purify the air, others emit a soothing smell that helps one sleep, and plants with flowers, in general uplift one's spirits. However, a lot of people are afraid of keeping plants in the bedroom as they feel since plants give out carbon dioxide at night it might be harmful for the people sleeping in the room. But plants breathe at a much slower rate than humans and thus the carbon dioxide they let out at night is very little and not really a cause for concern. So take that leap of faith and try keeping any of the following plants in your bedroom.

Orchids make it look wonderful

Orchids are eye catchingly beautiful and thus perfect for your nightstand in the bedroom. But they beautify a lot more than just decor. Orchids also uplift one's mood and make one feel happier. Flowers in general make one feel joyful, but most flowers die too soon. Orchids however, bloom for two to three months at a time and with proper care the plant can bloom again several times.


Lavender is another great plant to keep in the bedroom as it has a wonderful smell but also has a soothing and calming effect on people. If kept next to oneself while sleeping, lavender slows down the heart rate and reduces blood pressure and thereby induces sleep and reduces anxiety and stress levels. Infrequent deep watering and some pruning can keep this simple plant alive for long. A lavender plant like the one here curated by SCHILDERKRÖTE is perfect for your nightstand. 

Peace Lily

Summer Calla Lily Plant Appleyard London Modern garden Plants & flowers
Appleyard London

Summer Calla Lily Plant

Appleyard London

And while talking about beneficial plants let's not forget Peace Lily. This tiny plant with mostly white flowers and in some hybrid variety mauve or pink flowers like the one's here cleanse the air of harmful benzene and several other toxins. They are not just strikingly beautiful, but also increase the moisture in a room, suppresses airborne microbes that cause allergies, and help relieve people of dry noses and throats if kept next to the bed at night. They are also very easy to maintain as a nice shaded corner and water once a week is all they need.

Snake Plant

Snake plant is another easy to care for plant that is great for improving the air quality in a room as it filters many harmful toxins. Unlike other plants the Snake Plant emits oxygen at night and takes in the carbon dioxide which we produce while breathing. So for the one's who are scared of keeping a plant in the bedroom because they emit carbon dioxide at night, this is the perfect pick. Another pocket friendly plant that does the same is Aloe Vera, which also multiplies very easily and was thus dubbed as the plant of immortality by the ancient Egyptians.


Plant detail homify Interior garden Interior landscaping

Plant detail


Pothos is another low care plant that purifies the air and is great for the bedroom. A couple of hours of morning sun and water once a week is all it requires to thrive indoors. Pothos is a very attractive plant and comes in many varieties, from the one with all green leaves called Jade Pothos, to the one with yellow-green leaves called Golden Pothos, while even unique one's like the one here with red-green leaves. They often grow as creepers and can thus be also kept as hanging plants.

Parlour Palm

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens) homify Tropical style garden Plants & flowers

Butterfly Palm Tree (Dypsis lutescens)


A cheap and common plant that is easy to maintain indoors is a Parlour Palm. Unlike other plants it can adapt very well to low light and low humidity and survive in the toughest of indoor environments and still manages to cleanse the air. However, they can grow upto 6 feet in height and thus either need enough space. They will be a practical pretty addition to any bedroom and are great for a indoor plant rookie. If you have a green hand but are short on time, here are some tips to have a beautiful garden with minimum effort.

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