15 ideas of perfect shelves for small bathrooms

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It is necessary that you design and modify your bathroom for maximum convenience and ease of usage. Apart from installing wardrobes in the bathroom you also need to set up shelves. They not only serve the purpose of storage in the bathroom but also add to the aesthetic appeal. In small bathrooms, addition of shelves is even more important.

Below listed are some useful ideas for setting up shelves in your bathroom:

1. Selecting the location of the shelves

Of course, the shelves in bathroom should be on any of the walls. However, you have to think of usage needs before zeroing in on the location of shelves. It could be near wash basin or bathtub, for example.

2. Material of the shelves

It is also necessary that you select the apt material for setting up shelves in the bathroom. This will also depend on your bathroom decor. You may opt for marble or granite shelves in the bathroom. However, glass also goes very well. Think of both aesthetic aspects and durability when choosing materials.

3. Colour of the shelves

Before choosing colour of the shelves in bathroom, think of the room wall colour and style. If the bathroom has marble floor and white walls, setting up marble shelves are ideal. However, for deep coloured bathroom walls, black or grey stone shelves are ideal. A contrasting colour combination is what you should opt for.

4. Glass shelves

Using glass shelves in bathroom gives it a modern look. You may opt for transparent or coloured glass. Sometimes, using frosted glass shelves can be ideal. However, one drawback of glass shelves is that you have to be careful about putting heavy objects on these.

5. Wooden shelves

 If you want the bathroom to reflect a cosy look, using wooden shelves is advisable. However, be careful about using right type of wood as the environment is likely to be moist.

6. Key points

Try to set up shelves in bathroom in a convenient location. Excluding the areas near shower will be a good idea.

7. Corners

In small sized bathrooms, using corners to put up shelves will be a good idea. This will let you store necessary items without cutting down on easy movement and usage.

8. Usage of the shelves

Based on type, size and material of the shelves in bathroom- you can put various things on them. These include small face towels, soap, skin care products, tissue and indoor plants etc.

9. Customised shelves-

It is not necessary that the shelves in bathroom should be rectangular, oval or square shaped. You can place order for custom designed shelves to suit the needs. Unusual geometric shapes fit in well with stylish bathrooms- as it is.

10. White shelves

Whether it is white coloured wood or marble shelves, using white shelves in the bathroom makes the place look more luminous.

11. Shelves with light

Your bathroom may have lights on walls or the ceiling.  However, it would be a nice idea to set up shelves with integrated lights. This goes especially well with glass shelves. At times, you can use only the shelf light- especially at the nights.

12. Dark coloured shelves

 If you want the bathroom to look aesthetically em-placing, choosing colours like black and brown for shelves is a good idea. They look better with matte light hued walls.

13. Shelves with mirror

In compact sized bathrooms, setting up shelves with mirror makes more sense. However, ensure the mirror is placed a little away from the tap and showers for convenience.

14. Inside shower enclosure

You may want to set up small shelves inside the shower enclosure in bathroom. Keep the widely used stuffs like soap, shaving or washing gel in these shelves.

15. Unusual design and shapes

Not all of the shelves used in bathroom have to be symmetrical in design and have same shapes. This depends on your styling sense and usage needs.

Which of these storage solutions inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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