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9 things in your home that is a safe haven for germs

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Health of our family is our utmost priority and we do a lot to protect them from getting exposed. Hand sanitization, regular hand wash, healthy and hygienic food, clean clothes, exercise, home cleaning… the list goes on. But still they get exposed to germs and fall sick. Isn’t it? It’s not that they get exposure from outside. There is a high chance that the Bacteria and Co. are living with you in your own apartment waiting for a chance to attack you and your family. Let’s find out the probable hidden spots of germs in your house of which we are ignorant about.

​1. Mop, the hidden truth

Yes it is quite hard to believe that the mop you use to clean your house can be a safe recluse for the germs to breed and grow peacefully to create havoc in your home. It is so because we don’t wash and dry the mop properly after use. All the dust, hair, food particles, waste materials remain in the mop assuring that germs get an ideal environment to grow in it. To avoid it wash the mop thoroughly and then let it dry in the sun. Change the mop at frequent interval to keep it germfree.

2. Kitchen and hand towels

Warm and humid climate is perfect atmosphere for the growth of bacteria. We use it to wipe and dry our hands and then leave them hanging. Studies show that 90 percent of towels contain germs and even E-coli bacteria. To prevent it change the towels on every alternate days and wash it at 60 degree and then leave it to dry in the sun. Avoid wiping wet hands in the towels.

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3. Carpets and upholstery

We can’t wash our carpets and upholstery frequently. But at least we can vacuum clean it once a week to suck out the germs and bacteria breeding and feeding on it. If you have pets at home, then be extra careful and regular in the cleaning job. Carpets and upholstery is a perfect hiding spot of germs and bacteria. Loads of them might be living there, growing each day waiting for the right time to attack.

​4. Duvets on the bed

The dead cells of your body are the favourite food of the germs and bacteria and where else it can be found in abundance than the bed and bedding. Change the bed sheets, bed covers and pillow covers at least twice a week and wash it at 60 degree to clean it of all dead matters. Spread the mattress, blankets and pillows in sunlight frequently to freshen it up.

5. The favourite purse

Ladies love to flaunt their amazing collection of purse. But have you ever thought that your favourite purse might also be a favourite place for bacteria and viruses to hang around? The material of the purse attracts germs. Also we carry our purse outside and then come and simply hang them inside our cupboards without cleaning. Avoid it! Just wipe the purse with vinegar, cleaner or damp cloth depending upon the material before you hang them in your cupboard. Also always hang the purse instead of putting it on the floor.

​6. Fetish for shoes

Remember, your fetish for shoes is shared by some else too. And they love it for all the wrong reasons. They are the bacteria, viruses, mites or to sum up all, they are the germs. We walk in with our shoes carrying more than 4lakh of germs and bacteria and spread them around our house. Make sure to remove the shoes near the entrance of your house and don’t carry it in your bedroom, kitchen or children room. Build a cabinet near the entrance of the apartment to keep the shoes.

7. Water taps and sanitary fittings

Bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria and germs. Studies have shown that we have more than 30,000 bacteria on the edge of toilet seats. Also when we flush the toilet the germs spread and get settle on the bathroom fitting and water taps. When we use the tap to wash our hands and then we touch to close it, the germs again get transferred to our hands. It can be avoided if we flush the toilet after putting the cover down and wipe the tap with toilet paper before using it.

​4. Toys and stuffed toys

How often do you wash the favourite stuff toys of your little darling? Toys and especially the stuffed ones is the playground of germs and bacteria. It’s always near your child exposing them to diseases. Either wash the toys frequently in the gentle wash of the wash cycle or zip lock them in plastic bags and freeze them in the freezer for two days. Cold will kill most of the germs.

​9. Tooth brush

Studies have shown that our tooth brush attracts loads of bacteria and germs and even the nocturnal creatures like cockroaches to feed and play in it when we are not watching. Through tooth brush, the germs enter our mouth and then travel to our intestine to make us sick. Wash the tooth brush before every use. Keep it covered and change it every three months to maintain the hygiene and probably save your family from bacterial attack.

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Do you know of any other hidden spot of bacteria and germs? Please let us know.

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