8 Vastu tips to avoid poverty and attract prosperity

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Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of architecture, is not only all about the design, direction, colours or layout. It is also about what to keep and what not, to bring in happiness and prosperity and keep away poverty and misery from your home. Today in this ideabook we have come up with a few humble suggestions of what you should ‘avoid’ in your home. Follow these tips to keep away poverty and misery from your home and life.

1. Main door of the house

According to Vastu, the main door of your house should be at the same level or higher than the main road outside the house. It should not be at the lower level to the main road. If your main door doesn’t comply with this principle of Vastu correct it or you will face lot of troubles and ups and downs in your home and life.

2. Electrical wires and poles

It’s a common sight especially in India to have electric poles and wires running just outside the house. It is not just dangerous but also an eyesore. Apart from it, they are considered to be the bad vastu. Like the tangled wires of the electric poles, your life will too get entangle in problems and difficulties of life. Keep the wires and poles away from your home or get a home that is away from electrical wires and poles.

​3. Large and thick trees

We love to have greenery around our house. It’s good to have nature around you. But avoid large and thick trees around your home. It is not good according to Vastu. Large and thick trees obstruct the flow of sunlight and fresh air and along with it the flow of positive vibes and fresh energy also gets blocked. Plant small trees in and around your home but make sure that it is not too thick.

4. Thorny plants

Thorny plants and cactus looks attractive but don’t get tempted by its beauty. Never keep the thorny plants inside the house, not even in the garden. If you really want to have them, then keep it outside the house. Thorny plants are believed to bring in ill health and conflict in the family.

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5. Dirty water

Don’t let dirty water collect outside your home. If you have a pool or tank, make sure that the water is clean and clear. According to Vastu, dirty water in and around the house attracts negativity and brings humiliation to the inmates of the house.

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​6. Stones in the house

According to Vastu, stones signify trouble and obstruction in the path. Keeping the stones in and outside the house will bring obstruction on the path of success of the family. The inmates will also face troubles and problems in their lives. Leave no stone unturned and clear the path of success.

7. Creepy creepers

Avoid growing creepers both inside and outside of your home. Vastu believes that it adds to your enemies. We obviously don’t want enemies and animosity in our life. Keep your house and life clean of creepers and keep away the enemies.

​8. Old objects

We have the tendency to preserve old objects in our home. Either it is a memory that we want to cherish for the emotional values attached to them or we keep it believing that may be someday we will need them. But in reality they are just garbage in our home which we never use. It will stay in our home attracting negative energy that may soon lead to financial troubles. Avoid it if you want to stay from debts and financial problems.

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Which one of these Vastu tips do you already follow? We are waiting to hear from you. 

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